Small Business Financing – Advantages Of Getting The Right Start Up Capital

Planning to set up your own enterprise? Welcome to the elite club of those people who have the guts to take a risk and chuck the ‘cubicle’ lifestyle. You are about to enter a very different world my friend where the possibilities of growth and success are limitless. It is a time when you will open up whole new avenues for yourself and reach such heights that you could never have thought possible.

But before all that comes the herculean task of building a business up from scratch. And the most important things needed to even begin that task, even more important than a healthy risk taking appetite, is start-up capital.

Now there are some people, possibly angels in the world, who actually do have enough money saved up in their bank account to actually begin their business plan on their own. But for those of us who have been a little more frivolous with our salaries, there aren’t many options left apart from taking a loan, either from friends and family of from financial institutions. I am sure you are pretty much capable of handling the part that involves your friends and family. Allow me to explain why taking up business financing from banks and financial institutions is advantageous for your newly set up enterprise.

Easy repayment

As compared to taking loans from family and friends, business finance from a bank or other private lender will be much easier to repay because of its structured nature. Pre calculated EMIs allow for proper financial planning whereas your friend can be in need of money anytime and can ask for all of it back.

Loans without a mortgage

Many lenders, especially private financial institutions, offer business loans on extremely easy terms. These can even include no collateral mortgage on your home or property. This is an even better proposition for entrepreneurs who are not all that financially sound and have not yet come to a state where they can own a property of themselves.

Faster disbursement

This is another advantage of going for institutional business finance. These lenders understand that a business house, especially a start-up needs fast cash disbursement to take proper advantage of opportunities that are coming their way. They make sure that they answer loan applications, whether positively or negatively, in the smallest turnaround time, which might even be as low as just seven days.

Keeping your pride

For many people, asking your friends and family for any kind of financial help, even if it is in the form of start up capital for your enterprise, might pose a question on their pride. But taking a business loan from a bank of financial institution will not put any burden on your ego and allow you to proceed with your plans as you had envisioned.

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