The Oregon Territory

Carter C. Dustin K. Jaxen G. Will D.

The Oregon Territory was partly owned by the U.S., Russia, Spain, and Britain. Spain sold its rights to the U.S. and so did Russia.

Why was Westward Expansion significant to the United States?

The Westward Expansion was what created what America is today. It created new settlements, cities, and states. It wasn't all good, though. We forced many natives away from their homes and even killed some.

How did your event play a part in the expansion? What was its individual significance?

When we took ownership of the Oregon Territory, we could go over to the territory and not deal with the natives' lands.

If we never got the rights to the Oregon Territory we may not have moved in such big numbers to the west. The big cities we have today may not have existed if we didn't have a place to go in the west.

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