Secret Service Project

By: Abby Jackson

Kindness starts at a young age.

Have you ever done something nice for someone without them knowing? If you have, what did you do? Doing nice things for people is great, but it's even better if they weren't expecting it. Rather than tell them about it then do it, just do it without them knowing. It's a good feeling to know that you made someone's day better, without them even knowing until it's done.

Our class has started something called the Secret Service Project. The Secret Service Project is where you do something nice for someone, and not expect anything in return. You usually have to tell someone before you do something, but in this project, you don't. Most people are surprised because they didn't expect it.

This project impacted many people, including me. It impacted the people I did the activity for the most. One of the activities that I did, was when I gave my friend a nice note. I tried sticking it in her locker, but she saw me, so I just gave it to her. I hope it brightened her day! Another thing I did was when I gave my friend a compliment. She was wearing a really cute headband, so I decided to compliment her. In fact, those were my favorite things that I did.

The Secret Service Project impacted me because it made me feel good by doing an act of kindness for someone. I usually don't just do something for someone, I have to be asked, but this made me want to do random things for people. When my cousin comes to my house, we usually clean up my yard, or help my Grandma. That usually makes me feel good. I also help my church with things.

In my opinion, I think this was a very good project to spend time on. I think it makes people want to start doing random acts of kindness. It showed that you can do nice things for people, and they don't even have to know. It makes me feel good to see the surprised look on peoples' faces when you do something nice for them. In conclusion, this project was very inspiring. Now, I might go out and do random acts of kindness for people on my own. I know it will make them feel as good as it will me.