Huckleberry Finn Themes

The Adventures of Huckle Berry Finn takes place in the south around the mid 1800s. It begins in Missouri on the Mississippi river. Huck Finn is a boy in his young teens and has spent most of his life without any real authority and doing almost anything he wants to. At the beginning of the story he is living in a house with his adopted mother. She says she is trying to civilize him because he is very disobedient. When ever Huck can, he sneaks off with his friend Tom Sawyer and they pretend to be in a robbers gang. One night when he comes home he finds his father, pap, in his bedroom. Pap yells at him to because he is angry and Huck trying to be better than him. A few days later Pap kidnaps Huck and takes him to a cabin in a woods by the river. Pap is a very bad drunk and beats him a lot. He even attempted to kill him one night. So Huck fakes his death and makes his escape to Jackson's Island. After a few days of being there he discovers there's something else on the island. The other person is Jim, a slave that was owned by Mrs. Watson. Huck promises Jim that he will not tell anyone that he ran away. This starts up a friendship between them. A few days later though there is a storm that floods the island and they end up having to go further down the river on a raft to avoid Jim being captured. They find an abandoned steam boat on the river, they sneak onto it, but end up finding there are 3 thieves on it. And they have to steal their boat to get away. The steam boat ends up sinking but Huck and Jim end up getting separated in a thick fog and it takes a long time for them to find each other.  When Huck does finally find Jim he plays a trick on him, saying that he never actually left. Jim finds out and has his feelings hurt so Huck apologizes. And so they venture further down the river hoping to get a a ride on a steam boat but end up having their raft run over by one. This leads to Huck being adopted by a family by the name of Grangerfords and stays with them for a few days. But this family had been in a fight with another family called Sheperdsons. This conflict between the two families turns into a gun fight. Multiple family members are killed so Huck runs away to reunited with Jim.

Theme: Growing Up

With Huck and Jim building their relationship with each other, Huck begins to realize that Jim is just as much of a person as he is. This gets Huck to really start to question what he has been taught sense he was a little kid, especially regarding what he was taught about african slaves and superstitious things. This shows up multiple times in the story, one of the more obvious time is when their raft is sunk and Jim blames it on Huck picking up some dead snake skin the other day. Jim even told him not to pick it up but Huck took as something that's silly.

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