Have you ever wondered how to do the art of movement or quadrupedal movement?Well if your asking then this is the Tack for you,especially if you want to start doing this sport but before we start this sport has one main name,and that's Parkour!!!!!Parkour has a long history and a long line of people that do it everyday.everyday. Parkour also takes a lot of strength and momentum to do movements like under bars,side vaults,and back flips.Next you will probably want to know that Parkour is basically the key to running,obsticale courses,and sliding and jumping in the same sport that is free to do.

                                                         Who is it for?

You might be thinking that Parkour is only for shirtless athletic guys but no,just about anybody can do Parkour in their own special way.From 3rd grade students to 20 year old office workers Parkour is a free for all sport that anybody can do anyway they want,just remember though that before you start you will need to know how to do basic movements,what to where,and the history of Parkour and how it started.But before you get onto that you will also need to know that you do not need to train a lot to do this sport and it's movement's so that you do not push yourself to hard for you to meet the strength ability that you already have so don't get all paranoid and freaked out that you can't do it like most people do.        



The history of Parkour started out as nobody didn't knew this sport even existed or found yet,when a man named Raymond Belle was born in 1939 and raised in Western Europe but was sent to a orphanage at the age of 7 where he would be safe from the first Indochina war broke out across the area and where he would be safe and  maintain the ability  to survive.As he grew stronger of his abilities he managed to make the team for the Paris Fire-Fighters as he grew older and stronger abilities like strength and agility.David Belle was born in 1973 and experimented with many gymnastics and sports clubs before he got curious enough to find a sport his father invented called Paurcours but soon evolved to the name of Parkour after many and more people soon noticed how that other people did it and the moves you can do  in it.Some of the runners are Sebastian Foucan and David Belle himself.Many people think people think that not that many people do Parkour but if they say that then they are wrong because a lot of people do the sport in there own way and so can you.  


                                                         How to get started   

If you want to start learning Parkour right now so can try doing this on your own later then let's get started right away,but first remember that before you try the basic movements that you need be aware of your surroundings and where you are doing it so you do not get hurt badly.The first movement is that you need to learn how to run,Parkour is all about moving around on foot,not in a car or on a motorcycle but it will be pretty simple to start doing.Try by jogging for about 30 minutes for about 2 weeks so you can get the feel of how you will need to move from obsitcale to obsticale.obsticale. Next you will need to learn how to jump and fall,it won't be hard to do as long as you are careful and pick a good spot were you can do it safely.Start at a low ledge or hill where you can do the jump safely,next jump off the edge feet first and not headfirst so you don't hurt yourself.Now that you got the falling part down you will need to learn how jump across obstacles,start by jumping over small ledges of mats so can learn the basic feeling of how to do it.  

                                                               What to wear   

If you want to know what to were for this sport then try a short sleeved shirt and sweatpants for summertime  so you can reduce the amount of shin damage and keep cool in the hot temperature.In cold climates for running try starting with a long sleeved shirt,sweatshirt,and a Nike sleeve so you can have an option with the sleeve and if you want to put it on or take it off and if you want to roll up the sleeves for your hoodie if you get really hot.Also be aware that you do not want to wear a lot of layers so you can not move not move your legs fast enough to do movements.If you want to know to know what to wear in cold climates try starting with 2 or 3 layers with sweatpants.If you are training in really cold weather you will want to wear under a thick long sleeved shirt an with several of any including sweatpants.For the upper body you will want to wear a thick shirt under and cover it with a winter coat of sweatshirt.You will probably want to wear a hat or neck warmer so you head doesn't freeze but the choice is optional.If you want to wear gloves it is totally fine to wear them but just be careful when hopping over the icy railings outside.Shoes can be comfortable boots in serious training climates or the Parkour shoes you already have but just don't wear them out to soon.   



Parkour is a fun and interesting sport that many people like to do each day,but be aware of the requirements that you will need to know before you start doing it on your own and try doing it someone else so they can spot you if you get hurt or hurt something.But at least the best thing to know in Parkour is to be aware of your surroundings,and without further commentary get out there and do Parkour!

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