The Sky Playground:
Inversions Using the Breakti® Method

with Anya Porter, Founder of Breakti® &
Guest Faculty, Advanced 300 Hour YTT with Laurel Hodory
Monday August 25, 4-6pm @ The Yoga Training Center

  • Conquer your Fear
  • Believe in Possibility
  • Spark Your Curiosity

Inversions can evoke fear, frustration or elation, depending on one’s perception and approach. In this two-hour master class, we will look at the components of most standard inverted asanas (handstand, forearm stand, head stand, shoulder stand) using the Breakti® Method. In addition to tried and true alignment principles of yoga, Breakti® uses simple and accessible elements of other forms such as Brazilian capoiera and breakdance as a new lens through which participants can work with more ease and skill on the hands. Once each foundation is firmly established using a variety of props and the wall, participants will have an opportunity to try fun and unique Breakti® signature poses and transitions that evoke fearlessness and a lightness of body, mind and heart. Ample warm-up and wrist, shoulder and neck therapeutic work will also be explored to prep the body and inform participants on new ways to seamlessly and sustainably weave inversions into practice.

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$50 thereafter

Anya Porter has been a student of movement and wellness for her entire adult life, commencing with her studies of dance and plant biology (focusing on traditional and indigenous uses of plants as medicine) in college. After back pain temporarily halted her dancing career in 2004, she shifted her focus to pursue movement as medicine and began teaching yoga in 2005 after her first teacher training. Since that time, she has spent nearly a thousand hours studying the alignment and sequencing of asana, and the vast array of therapeutic applications of yoga. She has also spent the past three years and 400 hours studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation. She is incredibly grateful for the teachings of Gabriel Halpern, Doug Keller, Ethan Nichtern, Carrie Owerko, David Nichtern, Schuyler Grant, Alex Auder, John Friend, Laurel Hodory and Jillian Pransky.

Anya continues to curiously question fixed notions of how movement and yoga might contribute to the relief of suffering, and has spent the last several years developing and refining the playful yet clarifying sequencing, approach and technique in her signature Breakti® methodology, which influences her instruction in all asana classes.  She is a graduae of Yoga Teacher Training with Laurel Hodory & Faculty.  More info