Careful about others

Mr.Colin Powell is a man of achievement be cause he is a every well known man in the military . His career started after he graduated from high school in New York. Then a few years pasted when he moved from New York to Alabama were he met the woman of his life. which he married in 1962.  In 1963 he chose to enter the military that same year he got to Vietnam for duty. While on duty in Vietnam in a enemy check he was caught by a Punjabi- sticks booby trap.

Then by the end of that year when he recovered on his way back he got shot down in a chopper which he survived it with two others. After the U.S. sent another copper to get him and after he came out of the hospital a few weeks later. There was an award celebration in the military base an Colin Powell received an award which name is the purple heart. He was also awarded a bronze star. He also received 11 military decoration awards. The most important was when he received white house fellow membership award  in 1972. Colin Powell  retired in 1993. A few years later he wrote the best selling biography in 1995.  

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