Third Quarter ScrapESbook


For my third quarter scrapESbook experience, I decided to do a study/reflection in the comfort of my own home. I would've done a backyard observation, but the snow kinda killed everything. None the less, my dad loves to grow plants so its basically the same thing. Through out my whole life their have always been plants in and around my house. My parents both enjoy gardening as a hobby so they always found room for more plants. We have very unique plants growing at the Tandyk household from pepper plants to, what I call, baby palm trees. The bulk of the plants inside my house are in my living room where I noticed my dad placed two of the same plants in the windows and the rest in the dark. I though it would be interesting to switch one of the two plants in the window with one of the shaded plants and record what happens. I did this for a two month span and found that the plant in the sun stayed green and perky, but the one in the shade was still green, yet very droopy. Because the only thing I changed was the sunlight they recieved, I concluded that the lack of sunlight made them droop as the searched for the sunlgiht. Beyond this experiment I went around my house and checked on all the plants. I looked at how well they were doing and why they were doing that well or why they were doing so bad. Some were droopy/dead looking while others were striving. I was able to come up with many solutions involving location, water, and nutrients. I was surprised at how much I learned by just looking at plants that have been in my house for years.

Hundreds of jobs could be created in Yorkshire and Humberside by a major wind farm

"Hundreds of jobs could be created in Yorkshire and Humberside by a major wind farm." Energy Monitor Worldwide [Amman, Jordan] 18 Feb. 2015. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 1 Mar. 2015.

An offshore wind project has been given the green flag by the Government and is planning on creating 900 green jobs in Yorkshire and Humberside resulting in millions of pounds' worth of investment to the UK's economy. This project, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A and B, will include up to 400 wind turbines right off the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire. With a maximum capacity of 2400MW, it should generate enough electricity to power almost 2 million local homes. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey had some good remarks about the projects future. "Making the most of Britain's home grown energy is creating jobs and businesses in the UK, getting the best deal for consumers and reducing our reliance on foreign imports. Wind power is vital to this plan, with Au14.5 billion invested since 2010 into an industry which supports 35,400 jobs. This is one of the largest investments in the Humberside area in the last 50 years.

This article stuck out to me because I myself am very interested in the production of clean energy in general and the careers that are involved in it. I chose to take this course for the same reason I chose to take a math and language, to prepare myself for my future courses. Just like anyone else, I am interested in a career where I can make a positive impact on the world doing something that I love and anything that has to do with the environment is probably something that I love. I do not know too much on energy protection, but what I do know where and how we get our current electricity is not very good for our environment at all. We our tearing apart the land and creating a large amount of pollution to power our homes when their are many safe alternatives. I don't know why the government doesn't choose to use the environment safe ways whether it is because of money or time, but at least the UK has some sense. I hope that in the near future, the only was we get energy is from either the wind, water, or sun.

Creation of Public Plan On Environmental Education Advocated

"Creation of Public Plan On Environmental Education Advocated." Africa News Service 27 Jan. 2015. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 1 Mar. 2015.

Luanda, Jan 27, 2015 (Angola Press Agency/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- Last Monday in Luanda, Jose Silva defended the need for the creation of a public plan on environmental education countrywide. The spokesman for the Ministry of Environment named Jose Silva spoke to the ANGOP in a meeting about enviromental education where he said that despite some actions, environmental education in the country is still feeble. He told them that they need a better reason why it is important to promote a greater integration of the initiatives linked to the protection of the environment, which is ultimately to bring about a better living quality for the population. He also advocated ideas such as the idea for urgent creation of conditions to recycle solid residues in the country. Jose also informed the participants about the National Socio-Environmental Plan of the Youth.

This article stuck out to me solely because it is about environmental education. Environmental science has never really been viewed as a very important/useful course. It is more over seen as a class where you learn how grass grows. However, with the way the world is today, this course is becoming more and more useful with the way the environment is today. There are a lot of successful careers that come out of environmental science that are also very impact-able. Just as Jose said, we are striving to bring better living qualities to the people through a healthy environment. This course is key to teaching us about what we must do to better our living conditions through bettering our environments. With how much the idea of "Going Green" has grown, this course is key to continuing to come up with more and more ideas for people to continue to go green.

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3 years ago

Great articles. We should make "better living because of a healthy environment" a theme that runs throughout the course!! Good project idea! When you start looking around your world and then start asking questions you are starting the scientific method. Keep it up...stay curious! 50/50