A Perfect Book About a Perfect World

Rebecca Anderson

In "The Giver" there was a boy named Jonas who lived in a very organized and "perfect" community. There aren't any choices because they're afraid of making mistakes.

Everybody is assigned to a certain role in the community. This role is chosen by the elders of the community who watch what you do in your free time to make sure that they give you the task you'd be best at.

Nobody in the community can recall memories from more than one generation back and so Jonas was chosen to be The Receiver of Memory. He will hold all the memories from many generations back so that nobody else has to go through them including everything from happy memories of Christmas to frightening memories of war.

After Jonas receives memories from The Giver he starts to see colors and he gains emotions. He also begins to realize how people should be able to make choices and he wants to make a change in his community.

Jonas and The Giver made a plan to escape the community so that everybody can experience these memories. He knew that the baby, Gabriel, was going to be released so he took him with.

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