Explorer Proposal
By: Purvi Sehgal

Dear King Henry VII,

Positive Reasons For Supporting My Crew and Me On This Mission

                I come from France, but my crew and I will explore for England in 1501:in one year, we will set sail! In order for the mission to successful, we need YOUR help! That's right, King Henry VII's help. There is gold and silver in North America waiting to be found.  We will find it! We will trade with the Native Americans for valuable pieces of information and valuable items to be sold in England.  It will make money for the sponsors, and a little bit will go to us.  My crew and I will claim as much as land as we can for England.  Fortunately, England really needs those resources, and with its help, England will surely be the most powerful country in the world!  I am asking you to sponsor us on our mission to North America.  The other countries are/will also be look(ing) for gold, silver, and land to be the most powerful country.  Which is why we must act quickly! My crew and I will go to the east side of North America, where it will be easier to trade (there are Native Americans on the east coast of North America) and to communicate with England.  From the Indians, we will get water and food to survive.  Therefore, my crew and I will be able to look for money making items.  Most of the money that we will make, will go to the sponsors.  There are a lot of natural resources on the coast. We won’t go too far north or south.  We will go in deeper to west if it is necessary.  There is only one country exploring North America...Portugal...they are in Northern Canada and in Greenland.   Their settlement will not survive just like John Cabot's settlement did not. I understand that you gave John Cabot and his crew the right to explore, but their mission to North America was an epic failure. They went too further north to the arctic regions, where they might have frozen to death, eaten by mysterious animals of the arctic, etc.  We will never know.

Problems, Problems, Problems

              For every problem, there is a solution.  I expect to overcome navigational issues by having an excellent navigator.  We may encounter food shortages, so all the crew members will take training from experts on how to live from the land around us.  There are also going to be seas that are rough, so along with the supplies, we need your sponsorship to build a big, sturdy ship.  Along with settlements come unpredictable diseases.  We will need the best doctor that we can find.  There will also be threats from Europeans and Native Americans.  We will build a fort to protect us.  If we have conflicts with them, we will also try to reason and discuss with them.  If it does not work, then we will try to barter with them.  If they still don’t listen or come to an understanding with us, then we will have firearms, daggers, knives, swords, and shields ready for our defense.  I am famous in France.  If my crew and I come across any French settlers, then I will convince them to not start a war.  If a war is necessary, then we will be prepared…We will fight for our rights!

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Nice job! :)