Kevin Nguyen
Ms. Gagnon Period 6

What was Atlantis?

Atlantis was an island where legends lived. It was peaceful until the people wanted more. They started war and tried to take over the world. The Athenians eventually stopped them. Then years and years later a disaster sunk Atlantis down into the ocean. (Hartman)

What was the myth of Atlantis?

Atlantis was filled with powerful kings and rulers. Even when the Athenians had victory they could not live peacefully because Atlantis had earthquakes and floods. The Athenians were respected because they fought a war against the rulers of Atlantis and won. One day Atlantis disappeared underwater with the brave people on the island. (Hefner)

How did Atlantis get "lost"?

Scientist says that a giant tsunami hit Atlantis. The sea swallowed Atlantis. It happened to occur the same time as the Minoans disappeared. The massive tsunami dropped all of the materials together underwater. (Lilley)

Who were the Minoans?

The Minoans were located on Crete. They were named after Minos their king. They were there before the Greece of Atlantis. Crete had an earthquake that destroyed the Minoans civilization around 1400 B.C. (Discovery Channel)


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