Victoria Fall

By:Sydney Marcukaitis

Victoria Fall is nick named Smoke That Thunders. It is 360 feet tall and 5,604 feet wide. The first European to visit the falls was David Livingstone in 1855. Victoria Falls was not built it was formed over time by the Zambezi River as it removes soft sandstone from cracks. The mist cloud formed by the falls can be seen 30 miles away.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is made up of 3 section, Eastern Cataract, Rainbow Falls, and Main Falls. Victoria Falls is in Southern Africa. The rain forest in Victoria Falls rains 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Victoria Falls is the worlds largest curtain of falling water. Queen Elizabeth visited Victoria Falls in 1907 at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel.There are lots of wildlife near the Victoria Falls Forest. There are elephants, hippopotamus, white rhinos, and many more animals. You can see the falls 20-40 miles away and the spray rise up to 1,000 feet in the air. The falls are part of two African National Park. I think Victoria Falls is a wonder because it is such a huge water fall, and it is so beautiful site.

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