Jackie Robinson

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade language Arts Class

Jackie Robinson was born on January 13, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia and died October 24, 1972.

Significant Events in History that Affected the Person

  • Being made fun of and being called racist names
  • Being a natural born athlete. (He did  track and basketball as well)
  • He was so good at baseball that he was "promoted through the ranks.

Jackie's Childhood

Jackie was born into a family pf sharecroppers he was the youngest of 5 children. Jackie's father later left the family in 1920.

Unique Facts...

  • Jackie was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball
  • Jackie was actually in the military during WWII
  • Jackie was inducted into the baseball hall of fame
  • Jackies number was 42, this is also the only number retired in all of baseball


  • Was apart of the only all black squad to see battle in WWII
  • Play in the Negro, Minor, and Professional leagues of baseball
  • Was a natural born athlete. He also played track and basketball
  • Graduated from Pasadena Junior College and UCLA

What Jackie Taught Me

Jackie taught me to let me haters be my motivators. If you want something so bad and you strive to get it you will succeed.

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