The Aztecs history and civilization

       The Aztecs were a group of traveling nomads,that had originated from Mexico. They traveled until they had reached Meso-America.Then they settled at lake Texcoco.They had built a great city with a capital was called Tenochtitlan. They were able to build this by slaves and prisoners.

        The Aztecs government was run by the ruler Tenochtitlan. They had built an empire run by the Ruler Tenochtitlan which he was the one who would give all the orders. The priest was one of the most important people of there empire. They were important because they were the only ones to offer the sacrifice to the gods. their were also merchants,slaves,and prisoners who worked in Aztec.

       The Aztecs built two mighty structures for ceremonies. Then they built a palace for the emperor to stay in. And they also built The Great Twin Stairs. The Aztecs built one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. They had market places, houses, ceremonial stairs to temples and palaces. They also had a prison and aqueducts where they kept prisoners.   

The Aztecs survived by farms,a lake,and snakes and rodents. They conveniently had a lake to survive on. This lake is where they were banished to when they sacrificed the tribes princess. Right when they sacrificed her they knew that would be there empires capital. Which turned out to be almost as big as the great pyramid Giza.

              The Aztecs met the the Spanish empire which eventually became their demise. Although they were strong the Aztecs were defeated by the Spanish's superiority in weapons and Armour and the smallpox . The Aztecs also used weird but useful ceremonies. They took a low class victim and they took the heart out and gave it to the gods for good weather. Therefore the Aztecs were a advanced civilization.

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