Carbon Dioxide and The Carbon Cycle

Carbon dioxide is a simple covalent molecule. One carbon atom is covalent bonded to two oxygen atoms through the sharing of pairs of electrons. Carbon dioxide has a low boiling point because there are weak intermolecular forces between the molecules which require little energy to overcome.

Carbon dioxide occurs in the air naturally and the truth is we could not live without it. Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis and without which we, and other living things that eat plants, would have no food! Carbon dioxide also helps to keep us warm. It is a greenhouse gas and so traps heat around the Earth. Without greenhouse gases, our Earth would be too cold for us to live. However, too much Carbon Dioxide is contributing to Global Warming...

The Carbon Cycle - The movement of Carbon in and out of the atmosphere.

The diagram above shows The Carbon Cycle. Write down all the ways in which carbon ENTERS the atmosphere and all the ways in which carbon is REMOVED from the atmosphere.

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