Meir Panim

Meir Panim: Successfully Bringing People Out of Poverty

The nonprofit organization American Friends of Meir Panim is dedicated to fighting poverty within the country of Israel. For over a decade, the philanthropic organization has been working with local and international volunteers to provide relief to a population stricken by a poverty crisis. Not only do they provide immediate relief to the most common problems that arise from impoverished conditions such as hunger, but they also provide long lasting solutions to poverty through various social service programs. According to the most recent study performed by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, the total number of people living under the poverty line is 1,658,200. Within this number, a total of 756,900 are children. That means that one out of every four people living in the country is considered to be living in poverty while one out of every three children is suffering from hunger and malnourishment. Fortunately, this philanthropic organization has devoted itself to lowering those numbers and providing ways to keep those numbers down through various social programs.

For over a decade, American Friends of Meir Panim has successfully helped thousands of people stricken by poverty in Israel. They continue to offer a wealth of services to all people in need of better circumstances and life changing opportunities. Meir Panim is especially devoted to helping children who do not have the ability to help themselves. Due to the inability of most impoverished families to provide enough food, children often go to school hungry, stay hungry throughout the day, and go to sleep hungry at night. This makes it incredibly difficult to succeed not only in school, but in their everyday lives. Through their Meals for Children program, the organization is able to provide hot and nutritious lunches for children on a daily basis.

Meir Panim: Bringing a Country Out of Crisis

The organization known as the American Friends of Meir Panim is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty within the country of Israel. According to the most recent statistics gathered, 22% of Israel’s population lives below what is known as the poverty line. Of those 1,658,200 people, a staggering 756,900 are children who are living in poverty. Sadly many of these people, including the children, are suffering from hunger and malnourishment. The goal of the organization is to help those suffering from poverty and provide them with the care they need to once again become functioning Israeli citizens. They work to provide relief to the impoverished population within the country while preserving their dignity through a range of food and social service programs. These programs include free restaurants, meal delivery services, children’s meal programs, prepaid food card distribution, vocational training programs, and after school youth clubs for children. Using all the resources they have at their disposal, the organization successfully helps Israeli citizens climb out of poverty and restore their lives.

American Friends of Meir Panim dedicates itself to responding to the poverty problem in Israel. Unlike other philanthropic organizations, Meir Panim doesn’t just provide immediate relief to people living in poverty, they also provide long lasting solutions in order to bring the needy out of poverty entirely. One initiative in particular is their vocational training programming. Through these programs, they enable poverty stricken citizens to rejoin the workforce in order to successfully stay above the poverty line. The goal is not just to alleviate poverty, but to cure it completely.

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