Writing Journal 24|03|14

Your Headline

Dear Mr. Jairo,

I’m really glad you are enjoying the story. It was kind of hard coming up with an idea of what the story would be about but I did it. It wasn't hard to write once since I’ve read thousands of books of angels. Either way I decided to write the chapter again so you don't forget about it since I’ve got my notebook.

Chapter 2

“Violet sweetie ready to go?” my mom asked.

I looked at mysel in the mirror. I looked pretty good. My chestnut curly hair was tamed, and believe me that is a miracle. My deep forest green had a wild glint in them and a beautiful excited smile formed its self in my lips.

“Yeah mama” I screamed.

I dashed downstairs and took her hand and rushed out.

“Come on. I’m so excited to meet these mundanes,” I gushed.

Mom shook her head laughing.

“Give me your hand then parvulum, “ mother said.

I gave her my hand and closed my eyes. I was so excited. Suddenly I felt my feet leave the ground.. I peeked through my eyes but the instant I did I got dizzy. We were teleporting not flying. I closed my eyes and squeezed my mother’s hand tightly.

After a minute me mother whispered softly in my ear, “Sweetie we’re here.”

I dint open my eyes until mom let go of my hand. I glared at my mother who was innocently looking at me.

“You could’ve told me we were teleporting Jasmine,” I hissed.

“Well what would be the fun in that?” mother asked.

Sometimes she annoyed the life out of me. Seriously she acted like some troublesome teen who had no purpose in life but that. Either way I didn't respond to her. Instead I turned around and stood there in awe. This places was heavenly. The grass was pure green, the sky was light blue with a few clouds to adorn it. There was a beautiful lake where the water was clear, the sun reflecting against the waves who crawled slowly to the shore. The pines were really tall and green, they looked healthy. Everything fitted to the image I had before I came except for one thing. A humongous mansion that looked like it had 4 floors stood in the middle of the clearing.

Mom took my hand gently a tugged me forward. I started walking and stopping at the entrance. I looked at mom expectantly.

“It’s the angel house. We’ll live here until the mission is over.”

I nodded and stepped inside. This was the beginning of my mission

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