All About Omnivorous Creatures...
By: Megan McDonald


Omnivores are animals that eat meat and plants. They may also eat bacteria and fungi.


Omnivores have both sharp teeth in the front (like carnivores) and flat teeth in the back (like herbivores) for their mixed diet of meat, plants, bacteria, and fungi.


Omnivores can adapt easier than carnivores and herbivores because they can eat a variety of foods, not just plants or meat. If an omnivore's ecosystem changes because of urban development, then it is more likely that they will survive than it is for herbivores and carnivores. A good example of this is raccoons can feed out of garbage cans in the city when their habitat has been destroyed.

Types of Omnivores

Name                                  Carnivorous Food                               Herbivorous Food

Ants                                      Other insects                                     Seeds

Robins                                     Worms                                              Berries

Opaleye Fish                          Small creatures among seaweed     Seaweed

Turtles                                     Squid                                                Roots

Skunks                                    Honeybees                                        Fungi

Humans                                   Beef                                                  Pasta

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