K-12 mLearning Options


Socrative is a student response system. Teachers can create formative assessments that are compatible on any device or browser, allowing teachers to have instant feedback.

Socrative can be used many different ways, such as creating a poll or a formative assessment. It can also be used as a fun way to review content with students. For example, a French teacher could use it as a way to review vocabulary words.


Toontastic is an app that allows students to create a cartoon with their stories. Teachers can view all of their students' stories on any device.

Toontastic can be used to get students excited about writing. In Language Arts, students can write a creative story about the characters or about anything they would like. This is a great way to see students writing and creativity.


audioBoom is an app that allows students to record and share their voices. It is capable to share the recording with multiple people. It is compatible with all devices.

audioBoom could be used to help students with their reading fluency. They could practice reading and record themselves and listen back. It could show them what their own reading sounds like.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app or a website that is compatible with any device. This app or website provides writing prompts for any grade level.

Journal Jar would be very useful in a Language Arts class for writing practice. This could be great for a writing centre or for creative writing. It would be great for writing practice for any grade.


Fotobabble is an app or a website that allows pictures to have recorded audio attached to them. It is compatible with any device.

Fotobabble could be used for students to take pictures of something they are learning about and add audio to it. For example, if they are learning about landmarks, they could take a picture of a landmark they use and explain how they use it.

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