The Coca-Cola Case Study Of The Market

Market research usually refers to research enterprises and the customer and the public. It is an important element in the field of marketing. The information contains consumers, customer the public and marketers, this information has the following functions: to identify, define the market opportunities and the possible problems, formulate, optimizing the marketing mix and evaluate its effect. Therefore, market research is not only the buyer and the user's psychology and behavior, and it is for marketing activity all stages of research. Namely from producers to consumers all the business activities of the process data and data systems to collect. Market research case study should record, sorting and analysis. In order to understand the reality of the goods market and the potential market, its research scope is for all the products and services.

Prior to the 1970s, Coca-Cola has been dominated by US beverage market Bacheng. However, from the mid-1970s, the rapid rise of rival Pepsi, Pepsi most of the market has been swallowed. Pepsi's marketing strategy is aimed at the largest beverage consumer groups, young people for young people launched Coke. At the same time, carry on taste comparison, please unwitting consumers taste of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. At the same time live, more than 80% of consumers answers were better than the taste of Pepsi Cola, which makes Pepsi sales surge.

Pepsi Cola face is pressing harder and harder. Coca-Cola tried to quickly get rid of the current state. To this end, Coca-Cola decided to ten major cities across the United States to conduct a thorough market research. Consumer research to find the cause of Coca-Cola by the recession. Coca-Cola designed a series of market research which the survey questionnaire has considered the question of how Coca-Cola taste. But also whether it needs to become softer drinks tastes some of the other issues. The market survey results show that most consumers are willing to try new tastes of Coke.
As a result, Coca-Cola's management decided to develop a new flavor of Coke. At the same time, they end the use of traditional recipes. Not long, after, old cola taste softer, sweeter New Coke samples show in the world. To be sure, before the introduction of New Coke in the market, the company has spent millions of dollars in a series of taste tests. The taste test results that the new cola flavor cola tastes better than the old.

Coca-Cola began to transform production lines. In order to meet the new cola market, Coca-Cola Costly a massive advertising campaign. Everything seemed fine, but just the market for some time, the nightmare of Coca-Cola hit. More and more consumers began to resist New Coke. Because of consumers, old Coke represents an American spirit, it means giving up the traditional formula is to give up the American spirit. Just a few months, the company's new Coke plan had failed. For Coca-Cola, they missed the point. The taste is not the most important American consumer buying motives, and the spirit is. Early spend countless time, energy, invests enormous cost of such vanity. This case tells us that the market research is clearly needed in which the state currently, according to the actual situation to carry out. So you should do a good market research case study.