how did people escape the holocaust   

by:Zane Schultz

these are people trying to escape the holocaust

how did they escape

many people died in the holocaust. but one of the popular ways thought of by The Chiger Family  was to go in the sewers but this is one of the millions of ways people escaped. Rolf Joseph brother was on a train to Auschwitz and he got his pliers to cut open the hand cuffs. this is 2 ways people escaped the holocaust.


1.    problem: Around 1.1 million people were killed in the Auschwitz concentration camps between 1940 and 1945.

solution: only 144 people escaped from the camps.

2.    In the winter of 1944, the 21-year-old was put into a gas chamber what was thought to be a shower room but a gas chamber, but still manege to get out without any effects solders at the camp released him because they did not know how he survived the gas, but his mom was killed.

3.    90,000 German and Austrian Jews fled to neighboring countries.

4.    September 1, 1939, escape became much more difficult. Nazi Germany technically permitted emigration.

5.    Between 1939 and 1941 nearly 300,000 Polish Jews, almost 10 percent of the Polish Jewish population, fled German-occupied areas of Poland and crossed into the Soviet zone.

6.    On 10 June 1942 Polish prisoners in a work detail attempted to escape while working on a drainage ditch in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

7.    In the summer of 1943, led by Leon Feldhendler, the prisoners began planning a mass escape they were in a weapon making concentration  camp and they would collect weapons and hide them then they had enough, but failed escape.

8.    In order to leave Germany to escape the Holocaust, a person had to have a great deal of money.

9.    Many people left Germany in order to go to adjoining countries such as Austria and Poland.

10.    In order to truly escape from the Holocaust, then, it was usually necessary to go at least as far as the United States.

Time  Line

Even before the beginning of World War II, many Jews sought to escape from countries under Nazi control. Between 1933 and 1939,

Germany technically permitted emigration from the Reich until November 1941.

In 1941-1942, escape literally became a matter of life and death.

Between 1939 and 1941 nearly 300,000 Polish Jews, almost 10 percent of the Polish Jewish population, fled German-occupied areas.

Union in June 1941, more than a million Soviet Jews fled eastward into the Asian parts of the country, escaping almost certain death.

Spain allowed almost 30,000 Jewish refugees to enter, primarily from 1939 to 1941.

Jews admitted entry into Spain to fewer than 7,500 during the years 1942-1944.

From 1937 to 1944, the Zionist movement organized the escape of 18,000 central and east European Jews to Palestine

From mid-1942 to September 1943, Italy gave aid to Jews in several areas.

In 1950, the Jewish population of Europe was about 3.5 million.


  1. Adolf Hitler, bad guy killed Jews
  2. Anne Frank, some one who made a attempt to escape the holocaust
  3. Irena Sendler, she was anti-Holocaust resistance in Warsaw.
  4. Hugh O’Flaherty, was an Irish Catholic priest who saved about 4,000 Allied soldiers and Jews.
  5. Gena Turgel, excaped  a gas chamber in a  Auschwitz camp.


O’Flaherty, Monsignor Hugh, O'Flaherty, CBE was an Irish Roman Catholic priest and he did as much a he could  During World War II, he was responsible for saving 6,500 Jews.

why is it important

They were many people that were in the holocaust that didn't survive and not many got away thanks to good people there where survives. And to let people know how hard it was to not be caught and escape the holocaust.

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