BY: Samantha Pearson

Canada is a great place to go if you want to see and experience something new if you seen all the amazing US landmarks.

Canada has lots of multiculturalism around the country. Canada was formed by the First Nation. Canadians speak both English and French.


Canada has a prime minister. In Canada, their legislature is called Parliament. For their constitution they have a Constitutional Monarchy. These things do the exact same thing as a president, congress, or the Constitutional Republic would do here in the U.S.

Canada has a total of thirteen provinces and territories in stead of states. Most people in Canada are bilingual. They speak both English and French. Some French speaking Canadians are separatists. They usually live in Quebec. Most of Canada forests. It is making the timber industry important. It's specially in British Columbia. About eighty percent of Canada's raw material is shipped as exports.

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