Modern Classroom Technology

At BYU University

Pictured below is a classroom at BYU Idaho that I found on flicker. The class room pictured below is packed full of technology such as projectors, computers, and a overhead. All seem to be relatively recent pieces of technology other than the overhead projector (Winslow 13). But at the same time the overhead is an extremely valuable piece of technology because the instructor can show step by step how to work out problems on a bigger scale. The most recent technology in the classroom is definitely the electronic projector that is hanging from the selling with an HDMI display that provides color and clarity to the students in the classroom (Winslow 16). As of the current moment the electronic projector is the most valueable piece of techniology for a classroom just because it gives students what they need to know and take notes on. Multiple students are pictured with laptops in the classroom as well as the teacher, who's is on the podium and can in turn control all of the technology from a standing position. Even though the overhead might not be as recent as the other pieces of technology, it is still valuable due to the face that it still benefits the instructional workflow and I believe it still deserves a spot in the classroom for years to come. Overall pictured below is a pretty standard college classroom that has technology spanning from recent years to decades old, but despite the age they all serve their own purpose that benefits instruction and therefore have kept thier place in classrooms nation wide.

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