Why Were Non-Jewish People Sent To Concentration Camps?

Hitler sent non-Jewish people to concentration camps because he felt threatened by them. The Nazis were dedicated to wiping out the millions of people they thought were undesirable. The Nazis believed that these people were enemies of the state. They were persecuted because of their race, religious beliefs or social behaviour. Some people were found undesirable to the Nazis because they did not meet the Nazi standards or because of what they did

These victims were mostly sent to concentration camps for the same reason. Hitler found them threatening to their race and wanted to get rid of them. Some people were sent to concentration camps due to racial or political standings. Anyone who didn't agree to the Nazi policy were sent to these camps.

This shows that discrimination still goes on today. The holocaust all started because of discrimination against Jewish people. Today, people are still racist and have certain views that discriminate the lives of other people.

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