Absolute Brightness

by: James Lecesne


Absolute Brightness :

Phoebe is the main character in this story in the beginning and she is very judgmental, about her self and others. She is hard to connect with, shes like one of those girls that are to hard to explain in words. She says "My sister got all the pretty jeans" meaning her sister got all the looks and she got the rest, this shows that shes very judgmental about her self and this shows that she has some hatred towards her sister for being the better looking one. she also says "I don't want him moving here, I'm keeping my room" this quote says that shes very territorial and doesn't enjoy new people joining in her life. Leonard is Phoebe's cousin that is now moving in to her house and she's not to happy about it, She says she doesn't want him there because he's younger then her and her sister so they don't want him and his little friends running around the house make noise and messes. You can already tell Leonard is defiantly going to be a problem for Phoebe and her sister later in the book.

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