The Canadian Ways

Canada has many beautiful land forms such as glaciers. A glacier is a big chunk of ice that forms in the winter time. It moves slowly across land and adds more to it. It causes giant floods.

Throughout Canada there are many different cultures that come together as one. Canada has adopted an official policy of multiculturalism.

Instead of having a president like the United States, Canada has a prime minister to run the executive branch within the legislature.

              Canada's legislature is called parliament. It has two bodies, the house of commons and the senate. Together they determine Canadian laws and policies. The Parliament is really important to the government.

Canada has a big trade relationship with the United States. The United States is the one of the biggest countries to trade with.

The Charter of Rights is very similar to the United States Bill Of Rights. It guarantees the freedom of religion and speech.

Queen Elizabeth is kind of like a mascot to the government. She doesn't make any real decisions or laws for the government.

Canada has natural transportation corridors. For example the St. Lawrence is one of the many transportation corridors.

             Canada also has transportation barriers. They are a geographic feature that prevents or slows down transportation. The Rocky Mountains in the West are a major obstacle.

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