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Where Is Its origin and Where It Grows Best Now

Lettuce originated from Egypt. Columbus brought it to america. Now 70 percent of the U.S’s lettuce is grown in California.

How Is It Healthy

Lettuce is healthy because it has hardly any calories. It is also healthy because it hardly any sugar (its sugar is from photosynthesis). The last reason why it is healthy for you is because it has good fiber and vitamins.

What Food Group Is It In

It is in the veggie group. It is in this group because most veggies are grown and lettuce is grown. Lettuce is also a green leaf veggie.

How is it prepared

It is usually made into a salad. But fast food places put it into burgers if you ask them to. Also they are used in tacos.  It also used in soup.

This is a lettuce nutrition label. It shows how many calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, fiber, and sugars are in this food.

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