The Southwest Region

welcome to the southwest region! In this region there are not that many states but they are big the states are Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Much of the Southwest region is desert.In this region the natural resources are gold, iron, copper silver and oil.There are many cattle and sheep ranches in this region.The cattle beef goes to many parts of the U.S.A. Some of it goes to other places like Japan.Some of the landmarks are the Grand Canyon,the Johnson space center, the Petrified forest and the Carlsbad caverns.The Rio Grande river forms the boarders between Texas and Mexico.Also the hoover dam was built to control flooding on the Mississippi river.Most of the cultures food is spicy.Here are some of the foods that they have nachos tacos enchiladas quesadillas tamales and burritos.Many hot chili peppers are grown here. Some peppers are made into salsa