Tale Of Two Cities Dictionary

Unornamental: To not be decorative.

Example: The city streets were unornamental with the bleak architecture and baron walkways.

Magnanimous: Noble in generosity.

Example: The magnanimous King was heavily praised by his people for forgiving the sins of one of his subjects, and sparing his life.

Spectre: The mental image of something unpleasant.

Example: Before going back to his old school, Johnny shuddered at the spectre of being picked on.

Postilions: A person who rides only the left horse when conducting a carriage lead by only two horses.

Example: On the may to the castle donkey annoyed the postilion by singing for the entire carriage trip to far far away.

Impetuous: Moving with great force and violence.

Example: Optimus Prime was Impetuous when slashing through Decepticons to save his fellow Autobots.

Ligatures: Any sort of binding or wrapping.

Examples: Splinter sprained his ankle, and to fix the ankle Leonardo fixed it by putting Splinter's leg into a ligature.

Compatriot: a native to a fellow country.

Example: On the quest to build Jamestown, John Smith ran into a compatriot named Pocahontas.

Pecuniary: involving losing money due to fines.

Examples: Due to the many fines that Homer has caused, Marge had to give pecuniary to the police.

Flaxen: to have a soft yellow color.

Example: The school bus looks like it is made of flaxen.

Consignment: Property that is sent to a specialist for storage, sale, or shipment.

Example: Jerry wanted to sell his home as consignment, so Jerry called Turbo Snake Jake from State Farm to help sell his home and purchase insurance.

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