Apollo 11

How far is it to the Moon?

It is 238, 900 miles to moon.

About Apollo 11

- Was launched on July 16, 1969 and was finished July 24, 1969  

- Apollo 11 was a type G mission; a piloted lunar landing demonstration

- The astronauts on Apollo 11 were Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

- This mission lasted about 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes, 35 seconds

- They traveled around 828,000 miles

- They were on the moon's surface for about 21 1/2 hours

- On the moon, they landed in Mare Tranquillitatis, located at 0°4'5"N latitude, 23°42'28"E longitude

What was Apollo 11 Objectives?

The objectives of Apollo 11 were to safely land the 3 astronauts on the moon while returning with physical evidence of the moon. All objectives were accomplished.

What was unique and different about Apollo 11?

Apollo 11 was the first mission to have successfully landed astronauts on the moon and have them walk on the moon. It was also one of the fastest trips to the moon.

JFK Video

JFK's speech had a very positive affect on the nation. He talked about all positive things and accomplishments that science had made. His speech encouraged the nation to make it possible to have somebody go to the moon. I think it was like an extra push that people needed to work even harder to make it possible for somebody to walk on the moon. Overall, JKF's speech was strong, positive, and encouraging to the nation.

A woman... IN SPACE??

An event that occurred with in a few years of Apollo 11 launching was Russians putting the first women into space on the Vostok 6.  This event affected the space program by giving them more confidence in their Apollo 11 mission that would happen pretty soon. It also gave the nation more confidence in the space program. It showed them that they can have trust in the space program and in the Apollo 11 mission.

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