10 Hollywood Celebrities With To Die For Skin

Glowing, dewy, healthy, rosy, smooth skin. Who did you picture in your head when you read that? Chances are, all of us has someone we look up to when it comes to beauty--perhaps more than one person. However, beauty is not just about the sparkliest eyeshadow or the sharpest eyeliner. Most of the time, beauty is as simple as the canvas it is often painted on--our skin.

Glowing, clear and smooth skin is always appealing--even the most bare face can look radiant. The way to achieve this type of skin is varied, however. Some people are fortunate to have great genes. Some maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and nourish themselves from within. Some have had help by undergoing an acne scar treatment to get rid of puberty acne scars or consistent laser treatment to keep the smooth and tight texture.

1. Beyonce Knowles

Despite being a busy woman ruling the world, her skin is in tip-top shape! She says that her skin care regimen includes drinking plenty of water, monthly facials and a healthy diet.

2. Penelope Cruz

Well-known as the face of L'Oreal, Penelope says her skin is bright because of products that she uses which are very effective on her.

  • 1. Angeline Jolie
  • Great family, awesome career and perfect skin--it seems like Angie has it all! Angeline swears by creams packed with certain fatty acids that soften and regenerate skin.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jen's skin and body is the envy of many women. She looks glowing all the time, and this is because she focuses on the glow from within. She is a fan of yoga, and does this religiously. A sound mind and body probably leads to better complexion.

5.  Emma Watson

This young beauty is not only vivacious and smart, but healthy too! Her clear skin and rosy cheeks are the envy of many young girls.

  • 1. Lucy Liu
  • No doubt, Lucy still looks so good even at her age! She says that she does not consume any caffeine and drinks a lot of water.

7.  Halle Berry

The face of many beauty brands, Halle Berry chalks it up to a healthy diet and regular exercise. She also has a skin care routine that includes serums, cleansers and facials. Not sure if she's ever had to have acne scar treatment because she looks like she's never had a zit in her life!

8. Liv Tyler

Often touted to have a porcelain complexion, Liv smartly protects her skin to make sure she ages gracefully.

1. Hayden Panettiere

Who says skin care is only for the older? Hayden is young and looks so young and flawless thanks to daily use of sunscreen and moisturizer.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Quirky JLaw is usually known for her humor, but did you know that her skin is also well-cared for? She prides herself on being healthy and being a healthy role model to her fans.