Elements and Principles of Design in Logos

The Superman logo represents COLOR.
The Batman logo shows BALANCE. It is completely symmetrical.
The adidas logo uses diagonal LINES.
The transformers logo shows a metal TEXTURE.
This apple logo shows VALUE.
The pepsi logo shows SHAPE.
This 3D windows logo shows FORM.
This android logo shows SPACE.
The middle of this sonos logo is a POINT.
The olympic rings CONTRAST eachother.
The colors on this apple logo show random RHYTHM.
In the raptors' logo, the raptor's body is not PROPORTIONATE to the ball.
The target logo shows UNITY and completeness.
The nike logo shows ECONOMY, because it is very simple.
The sun in this logo is the EMPHASIS
The beats logo is a CIRCLE.
The citgo logo is a TRIANGLE.
The facebook logo has ROUNDED edges.
The red shape on the youtube logo is a RECTANGLE.
The louis vuitton PATTERN is on all of their items.

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