The Prioress

By: Jaymee Volante and Anna Pacheco

Direct Characterization

Page:4 Lines:119-120

Who, in her smiling, modest was and coy;

Her great oath was but "By Saint Eloy!"

Page: 5 Lines:144-147

She was so charitable and piteous

That she would weep if she saw a mouse

Caught in a trap, though it were dead or bled.

She had some little dogs, two, that she fed

Page:5 Lines:153-155

Her nose was fine; her eyes were blue as glass;

Her mouth was small and therewith soft and red;

But certainly she had a fair forehead

Indirect Characterization

Page:5 Lines:160-161

A string of beads and gauded all with green;

And therefrom hung a brooch of golden sheen

Page:5 Lines:127-128

At table she had been well thought withal,

And never from her lips let morsels fall,

Page: 5 Lines:124-126

And fair she spoke her French, and fluently,

After the school of Stratford-At-The- Bow,

For French of Paris was not hers to know.


1.) Modest

2.) Neat

3.) Charitable

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