Slavery in 1859

under ground rail road.

When did slavery start in the United States?

The colony of Dutch brought twenty Africans  to the town of Jamestown in Virginia in the 1619.  America wanted cheap labor  for the white people.  The first Africans were brought to Virginia colony as indentured servants in 1619. Slavery was well established institution in the us by the 1850s.

What was the trip over like to the United States?

The trip over seas was scars. The Slaves wear chanced to side to side . They wear  not ably to go to the bathroom. The slaves wear caped at the bottom of the ship for 2-4 mounts not ably to move or to go to the bathroom and not stated up.  The food sore was also scars on the boat. The Slaves laid on their backs in there own yrnal  until they were let off the ship to United States.

Where in Africa did the first group of Slavery come from?

One of the first Slaves came form West Africa. The Slaves where captured and sold to slave traders. The Slaves traders want young people because they wanted  kids longer so they wouldn't have to trade the old people as much.

How does this historical fiction event impact our lives today? What lesson can you learn from this event?

Today in America we do not have Slavery. It is against the law. The Slaves were poorly treated. They worked all day long. Slaves where captured and stolen to slave traders to work for them. Some countries have the same rule, but some do not.


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The first paragraph didn't really tell me when slavery started. Also the "duct broad twenty Africans" part does not make any sense to me.

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In your last heading you misspelled a word. You also misspelled other works here and there.-micaela

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I kind of had a hard time reading it because of the misspelled words but from what I did understand good facts.