i'm heading home yay!

Man what a beautiful morning

Oohhhhhhhhhhh! What a shame what a shame what a shame

All these people dying by my feet

all of my men running of my fleet

What a shame, What a shame What a same.

Jubal Early's Journal

Civil War Journal

Well, I guess this is the end for me. My name is Jubal, Chief Jubal, and i'm at Chancellorsville at a base, nearly most of soldiers are dead or injured. My life is gonna be over soon, almost more than 8,000 battles left. I hope I can see my family again in Miami, Florida, I love my kids, my wife, and friends. Chancellorsville is a tough battle, see troops dying and I think i'm going to be one of those troops. Lying on the ground, dead, no movement...........

Civil War Slang Conversation:

Jubal Early: Its a rough day, people eating sheet iron crackers for food.

Everyones bread baskets not feeling well and throwing up.

Everyone’s running to the bathroom and quick stepping every minute after food.

Paola: After every battle, everyone gets hard knocks and broken.

Man everyone wishes for greenbacks today, right here, right now

Jubal Early: You bet

Paola: After they return to the bathroom, they're gonna be played out.

Jubal Early: When they're gonna have grave a root their bread basket won’t be in the mood for eating the food.

Paola : bye


Dear Jubal Jr.

Life is good, Life is good. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY!! Sorry, I'm mad, anyways

Journal Entry 7.

Life is hard, Life is hard when you are  prisoner. You can not go anywhere, do anything, and also just sit there and starve

Jeremiah, when you chose to ______________join the war___________________,
what caused you to make that choice?

I wanted to fight

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about? Being with my family

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

That I shouldn't of joined the war

Jeremiah, How was your life in the war?

When I went home it was bad, everyone's sick and looking bad at home. All the mom's have no supplies to take care of us.

All the injuries i witnessed were lost legs and arms and limbs and everyone having diarrhea .

What a shame What shame what a shame

All these people dying by my feet

All these people running from my fleet

What a shame what a shame what a same



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