Finding Academic Success

For the most part, students are encouraged to work hard and focus on achieving academic success. Teachers and parents play a crucial role in the success of any student, but often it is the individual who has to play the biggest role in their success. In addition to studying effectively, undertaking assignments and being a good team player, students are also required to master the skills of organization and resourcefulness in the face of challenges.

Having the desire to prepare adequately is very important. Many are the students that wish to feature on the Dean’s List or the Honor Roll, but few are willing to put in the time and effort required to make such dreams come true. When students head into a new year, they are usually energized and eager to start afresh. At this point, keeping the flame and energy alive must come from the continuous desire to prepare and be ready.

A young person’s life, while full of opportunities and excitement, is also fraught with challenges and obstacles to success. Whether as a result of internal or external forces, having the ability to withstand challenges is quite important in a student’s life. It is the students who demonstrate the ability to hang tough and keep going that are able to view challenges as opportunities and grow from them.

Before joining the military, Brian Drennon attended East Texas Baptist University, from where he graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance degree (with honors designation).

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