Just A Horror Story I wrote for enjoyment!

I know, I know, I am just 13 years old and yet I wrote this entire story myself.            Sorry for any typos, my mistake.

“Alright men, we’re bringing down this laboratory. S.A.C.K.S. have had long enough with their experiments. As we know from the message, they know nothing of this attack. We’re gonna bring them all down. No scientist survives. Any experiments you run into kill on sight. We don’t know what’s down there, so be careful. Your helmets have everything you need. They tell you everything’s weaknesses. Remember, your gun won’t work on everything. Different experiments have different weaknesses. Your suits may protect you and they may not. They have jetpacks with limited fuel, so carry extra with you. The Pilot just said we are ten minutes away. Cock your guns and get ready.”

“Steady.” Then, the sound of metal being ripped off came. “One of the experiments is-” The whole craft went down. With a big explosion. I fell back and forth and looked out a window. I saw it, the creature. It was ugly, and had no face at all. It had wings and sharp claws and was ripping at the hull of the craft. One of the wings ripped off and then I blacked out. I awoke to the sound of one of my comrade’s voice. I woke up, blinking and barely being able to see. I saw my comrade walking around yelling people’s names. It hurt to move my hand. I looked around and moved my head. I couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in my ears. I saw my comrade walk over and pick me up. My whole body ached when he moved me. He moved my away from the aircraft.

He brought me over to a tree with a giant trunk. I looked over and groaned. I looked at my stomach seeing a big piece of metal sticking out of it. I looked at my comrade’s face and blacked out. I dreamed about what happened before I joined this team. I remember. I saw her face. The face of my girl, Caroline. I remember her soft touch and her beautiful black hair. I remember my siblings. My two older brothers who always teased me, until I got the job offer. It was an offer I could not resist because the pay was good. I was smarter than everyone in my class. I was in eleventh grade. I was genius smart; so smart I hacked into many organizations. I got caught with one, who wanted me to join. I was sent to a special team who would use my intellect to help many people.

The team, it was special, we were all like bothers. We became close, and they asked me to invent armor for their dangerous mission. Which I invented armor to protect them from many things. I had never gotten the armor good enough. Not enough to withstand other things. The armor works like this. Inside of the suit, it is adaptable to all types of environments. It changes to the human body’s needs. Inside of the helmet, it gives you information about what you are looking at. It tells you the blood type, the gender, the race, and weaknesses in all things. The guns were my invention too. They work like machine guns, but shoot out special bullets that dissolve once they break the skin. They are just as powerful as any gun in the world, but better. Though, you still have ammo, you don’t have unlimited bullets.

I had worked with the scientists of my team for the longest of times. Then one day we got a call from our boss to go and take down the laboratory named S.A.C.K.S. I have no clue what it stands for but I do know these people are just as smart as me. That is why they brought me along on this mission. They knew I could help them defeat the intelligent minds of the scientists. Never did I know that they had created monsters inside of their labs. Never did I think any of this had happened. Never did I think my team would die.

Now I know what my comrade and me are up against, I may be able to stop these monsters S.A.C.K.S. created. I believe that these scientists deserve what is coming towards them. I don’t know who survived, but no matter what; my comrade and me will stop them all. Our black armor going against their white suits. We will stop them no matter what happens.

I awoke to the sound of my comrade’s voice. He was saying that I was going to live and that I could help him defeat S.A.C.K.S. and all of their creatures. He said his name was Jake. I remember him. he was black haired and lighter skinned. He was darker than pale but lighter than my skin. He had blue eyes and through the glass of his helmet, I could see his face staring into mine. I looked around and saw no one else moving around.

“Ar-Are we the only ones who survived?” I asked.

“Yes, we are the only ones who survived the crash.” he pointed over towards our craft crash site.

I saw all of the fire and rubble everywhere. I knew that I had lost my friends and because I was the rookie of the team most of them would be surprised I even survived the crash. Jake helped me stand up and I looked around. All of the blood rushed away from my brain blinding me for a few seconds then I regained my sight and looked around. I saw the crash sight and only counted two or three bodies outside of the craft. Jake had gotten me a stick long enough for me to lean against so I could stand up and walk around. Jake said I would only need it for a little while. I watched him walk over to the crash site and go inside of it.

He came out a few minutes later with lots of extra fuel for our jetpacks and some more ammo for our guns. He came over to me and told me to take the extra supplies. I took the extra ammo and put it on my belt, along with two knives, in which I did not invent. They had blue blades and dark gray handles and could slice through things very easily, I was impressed, and then put the fuel on the side of my jetpack. Jake went out and looked for some food and water, while I sat back down on the ground. I could feel all of my body again. It felt better than before, and did not ache. I wondered what he did, then I realized he used something I had invented. It was some form of injection, with an element I found that could heal any wound. I had packed everyone with three or four of those.

As I sat there watching the sun move across the sky beginning to worry about Jake, I heard a noise. It was a screeching noise, and came from the air. All of the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I pulled my gun closer to me. Looking around, I didn’t see anything. There was nothing in the clear blue sky, and nothing in the woods around me. I began to freak out. My breathing increased and my spine was chilled. Then I heard it again, but it was farther away. I heard the crunching of leaves and saw Jake return with some supplies. He said he got them from the front of the craft that crashed over in the hill way off in the distance.

“We need to keep moving,” he said.

I looked around and nodded. I did not say anything about the noise I had heard, for I did not want him to begin to worry like me. I stood up and let go of my stick. My legs felt better, so I could walk. Jake told me to follow him, and so I did. We walked for some time, and then stopped. He said we needed to rest, even though I didn’t feel like I needed to. As we sat there on the ground, I looked around. Not knowing if I would hear the noise again. As we sat and ate some food listening to the world around us, something came. It was a noise, it sounded like an alarm, which went on for a few seconds then went off.

“Think that came from the laboratory.” asked Jake.

“Think so.” I replied. “I think some of their experiments got out.”

At those few words, I saw Jake shudder. I wondered why he could be so scared of some experiments, and then I realized, the screeching sound. It was one of the experiments. Jake looked around nervously. I saw nothing, but began to worry again. The alarm probably meant something bad. Something very bad. We got up and began to walk forward again. This time a little faster in fear of experiments. I wondered why such a good team member of mine, was scared of what S.A.C.K.S. created. We had walked for no more than a few minutes and then heard the screeching noise again. I looked to the sky, for it sounded like something that could fly. Nothing. I looked around at the woods before us, and saw something. It was camouflage and had no eyes. My heart almost stopped. Jake and me ran for our lives. I could only hear the breathing of us and the crunching of leaves as we ran in the opposite direction of where we were headed.

Jake looked back as we ran, and didn’t see anything, so we stopped. I turned around to try and make out its camouflage but couldn’t. Then I realized, something had happened with what I feared. In front of me, my screen was red. That means it picked up something, which could not be killed. We both looked forward and could see the crash site in the distance. We had no idea what to do now. There was an experiment that blocked our way to the laboratory so we could not get there. Unless we sprinted passed It again. I told Jake my plan and he agreed. So we both turned around and ran back. As we ran back we didn’t see or hear anything. I looked around for the outline of a figure against the woods but couldn’t make out anything.

We sprinted, at this point, and ran right past the spot where we found the experiment. We saw nothing. Jake was in front of me and stopped. Allowing me to run into him knocking him forward and almost down a deep ravine. He turned on his jetpack, flying out of it and going to the other side. I saw inside of the ravine, and saw something moving deep down inside of it. I quickly turned on my jetpack and flew to the other side of it. Once I got to my feet, we both ran as fast as we could away from the ravine and where we saw the experiment. After a few minutes we stopped. We looked around and began to walk forward. We walked for a few more minutes and then we came to a clearing. There we looked ahead and saw the lab.

It was all quiet with nothing moving. No sound was to be heard. We could not tell if anything was still in the lab. Maybe that alarm was and evacuation alarm. Maybe, just maybe. We walked forward and saw that the doors were ripped off of their hinges. We both looked at each other and knew that something bad had happened. I looked around and we split up. I thought that we should stick together, but Jake insisted that we do this to go faster. I walked around one side while Jake walked around the other. I looked inside of on window. I saw what I had seen in a horror movie long ago. Light flickering, desk flipped, chairs smashed, and even papers flying everywhere. I did not see any bodies of any scientists or any experiments. Yet.

I walked forward looking around making sure that the camouflage experiment wasn’t around. I didn’t see anything and as I looked around, I saw one window smashed. I did what my instincts said not to do. I walked over to it and saw nothing. I looked around inside of the window. This looked like a computer lab. All of the computers were flickering along with the lights. Some desk flipped over and some chairs were smashed. Then on the wall I saw something. It was written in what I thought was red ink, it said: “Beware of the X”. It had a long line from where the x ended. I stood there frozen in fear at what it said. I heard the crunching of leaves. I turned around and saw Jake standing their. he walked over to me.

“You find anything?” He asked me.

“No.” I said trying to not let him freak out like me.

We walked towards the back of the lab. This building was ginormous. It took us a few minutes; even tough we were jogging, to go to the back of the lab. There we looked at the wall that had no windows. It had barbed wire on top of it to keep something in. Or out. I thought about it, nothing seemed to have gotten out of this way. We looked at the cracks in the wall. Seeing nothing could get through, I walked back to the side Jake had gotten. We walked along the edge of the wall, and peering through the windows, I saw the same picture as before. Flipped desk, smashed chairs, and papers everywhere. We walked back to the front of the lab. Looking at the doors hanging by their hinges, we looked at each other and walked in.

                                                       Chapter 2

                                                        The Lab

We walked in without any noise except for our breathing. I looked around in the flickering lights. They hurt my eyes. Jake walked into a room and told me to follow. We walked into a room. The room was lit with the sunlight from outside. I looked around and saw the dust floating in the sun’s rays. I saw papers on the floor and picked one up. It had the S.A.C.K.S. symbol of a crescent moon, with a pike coming off of it, and said B.L.U.E. 2. I didn’t understand what that stood for but I looked around. Seeing everything as I had seen in a horror movie I watched as a little kid. It was me and my two brothers who took a bet. They said if I watched the horror movie without getting scared they’d do everything for me for a whole month. Man I knew I shouldn’t have taken that bet. I was scared out of my mind. That same scared has never come back to me, until now.

I looked at Jake and saw him holding his gun closer to himself ever since we got in. I looked at a flipped desk and saw some notes. On the first page it said:

Everywhere I go, I feel like I am being watched. Ever since that first experiment escaped, many corporations and even the government have wanted S.A.C.K.S. to shut down. I feel like that the experiment is everywhere now. I jump at even my own shadow. I need something to help protect me from this fear. My mind is beginning to play tricks on me. I see it everywhere I go. I cannot stay like this for long. Oh someone please help me!”

The rest of the notes were just a scrawling of some experiments they must have found. Reading those notes made me wonder what these creatures could actually do. I looked back at the B.L.U.E. 2 and wondered what that could be. At the bottom of the page it said “Building Li” and was cut off near the bottom. I examined it closer, and remembering a school lab I did, I realized it had been chewed off. I looked around, and stared at Jake.

“We need to go now! Forget the whole mission, these scientists were trying to hide something that happened.”

“Well hold on bud.” said Jake. “Don’t go to fast, we need to figure out what to do first. If we aren’t careful then we could possibly end up like the scientist, if they are even dead.”

“Well we’re gonna end up dead if we don’t get out of here.” I argued.

“Alright, alright just hold your horses.” said Jake.

We walked out of the room and back into the main hall and saw that it was darker. I looked around and turned on my helmet lights. I invented the helmet lights so that when everything went dark we could turn them on. We looked around for the way out and saw that the doors had shut behind us.

“Impossible!” I shouted.

“They were hanging off their hinges, they can’t be put back up.” said Jake. “There’s no way that is possible.”

Jake turned towards me. I stared at his face for a few minutes and realized he wasn’t staring at me. I turned around and saw a figure of something standing their. On my helmet it told me its weakness was my gun. It also said it was one of the experiments. It looked like flesh twirled to looked like a humanoid. It had yellow eyes that were both different shapes. It had no mouth and had a little bit of blue on its hide. I took my gun and pointed it at him. Jake did the same. Right as I put my finger on the trigger, it sprinted at us. We both shot it with many bullets. It jumped upon my body knocking the gun out of my hand.

I heard Jake yelling and him shooting the creature. Through the glass of my helmet I saw its yellow eyes staring into mine. Then I saw a bullet rip through one of them and hit the glass of my helmet. Luckily I had made this glass as strong at steel, so it didn’t break or crack. The experiment got off of me and I picked my gun back up and shot it. Eventually the experiment fell lump on the ground. Jake helped me up and we looked at the creature. Jake looked around and sat down on the ground. I wondered on to how Jake had managed to have courage to save me. Me, of all people. Strange.

We decided to keep moving deeper in the laboratory. I looked around and saw that the whole place seemed to be empty. The only sound was the lights flickering and the occasional crunch of some paper we stepped on. I started to think about the note I had read. I realized that this place had driven some scientists mad. He got scared at his own shadow, even with other scientists working there with him. I wondered if an experiment could do such a thing, or if it was just his brain simulating fear. These scientists were as smart as me, maybe even smarter, but I am far younger than any S.A.C.K.S. scientists. I was just about to finish high school with all A’s and many college credits.

I looked over at Jake and saw his breathing fogging up the glass of his helmet. I then looked down at my own and saw it was doing the same. I looked up and saw another door. This one looked as if it was in lockdown. Jake walked over to it and tried to push it. I looked to the side and seeing the control panel I walked over to it. I took it off and rewired it so the door opened for us. As I stood up I saw Jake had already stepped inside and I ran after him. I was afraid of the dark in this lab. It was hiding what experiments could be out there waiting to get us.

We walked forward seeing that this must be the mess hall. There were long tables lined with chairs. Each of these chairs were either smashed or flipped over. We looked at the wall, and saw one of these tables sticking through the wall. I walked towards where the they would serve the food and went behind it. I saw all of the cooking materials on the ground. There was food spilled everywhere, much grease was on the ground. I thought this was interesting. So I walked back out and saw Jake staring at the table that was in the wall.

“What do you think did that?” I asked.

“I’d say some experiment that’s pretty strong.” Jake replied.

“You gonna go on the other side, or do you want me?” I said.

“How bout we both go to the other side, can’t risk getting either one of us killed,” replied Jake.

“Alright then, lets go.” he said. We both stared to walk forward towards the doorway next to the table. I was the first to go through seeing what had been the other side of the table all in splinters of wood. I looked around and saw some red stain on the floor near the table. Jake walked in after me and saw what I saw. I didn’t know what to say. The stain on the floor looked like blood. I was pretty sure that one of the experiments must have killed someone here. We looked around and saw no signs of a struggle. I looked down the dark hallway that we were in. I saw something that scared me. It was a figure standing in the distance. It couldn’t make out what it was. I blinked and in an instant it was gone.

I turned around and saw Jake examining the table that was in splinters. I looked back down the hallway and saw the figure again. This time it seemed to be closer than last. I squinted my eyes to try to make it out better and saw that it was just a figure. I could not make out details on it but then I blinked again. It was gone. I decided to go back to where Jake was, just incase that thing came back, we could both take it. My helmet lights shined on his back and I saw all of the armor plating on the armor. I had liked the armor design very much. It was one of my life’s work. In which I had worked very hard.

We walked back into the mess hall. It looked almost the same. Except for the fact that the figure was in there. We looked at it. I turned towards Jake and told him to try not the blink. I looked back and still saw the figure there. It was weird. My light shined on it, but seemed to have no effect. It still looked like a silhouette. Right then, I blinked. When my eyes open, the figure is gone again. We both looked at each other. Then I felt like something was behind me. So I turned around and saw the figure. It was still a silhouette, dark and empty. Nothing to see.

I saw on my helmet its weakness. Right then, it reached out its arm. It grabbed my head. My helmet began to malfunction. It began to glow red then clear then red repeatedly. I heard the sound of a gun shooting and between its black, empty fingers I saw bullets flowing through it.

“N-no that is not his weakness.” I struggled to say. “Get out your flash bomb!”

I saw Jake pull a round object off of his belt. He looked at the experiment and threw it. Right when it hit the experiments face, it broke, letting out the contained light. Once the light hit the experiment we heard something that sounded like a shriek. It disappeared. I looked around and saw no trace of it. I couldn’t tell if we destroyed it, or if it got away. I could still see the light inside of my eyes. I looked around and saw Jake on the ground. I bent over and looked at Jake. I saw his eyes open, then they moved on me. I helped him to get up. We both started out of the mess hall. We moved to a room across the hallway, and looked out a window. Then an idea popped in my head.

I walked over to the window, pulled out my gun and aimed it at it. I shot the window, but instead of the result of the window shattering, the bullets bounced off of the window and went into the walls. I turned around and saw Jake ducking. I laughed for the first time ever since I had gotten on this mission. I could feel some of the warmth in my heart return. Jake looked at me like I was insane.

“Stupidest idea ever!” he said “Are you trying to get us killed, or let us escape?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” I said.

“Well, evidently we cannot get out this window, wait a minute, wasn’t there a broken window on the other side?” Jake asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said remembering the sign inside of it.

We walked back through the mess hall and to the double doors on the other side. I looked through the windows on the doors. All I saw was that it was a hallway. All of the lights were turned off. I could barely see anything. As I looked, I saw something move down the hallway. It was a blur. I did what my instincts said to do, open the door. Me and Jake walked in. I looked around and saw the one thing that I wanted, but didn’t want to see.

“Well that solves one mystery, doesn’t it.” said Jake.

I shine my light, and on the floor is a bunch of scientist. Jake and me look at each other. I wondered what happened here. Then I thought to myself, this surely couldn’t be all. For it is only ten or so. I tell Jake my thoughts, and he agreed with me. It is possible; they are the experiments, maybe just maybe. This lab holds more secrets than can be answered.

                                                  Chapter 3

                                               Beware the X

Jake and me walked into the first room. I looked around, and saw more of the scenery, like before, smashed chairs, flipped desk, and much more. I walked over to the window. This one was still whole. I turned around and saw another journal. I picked it up. It read:

“This lab, its boring. We do nothing except for experiment. I would prefer to be working with math and engineering, not chemical compounds. We are already a year into our research. One of our fellow scientists has gone mad. He thought everywhere he looked, something was watching him. They had done an experiment on him, which I guess had the side effects of paranoia. I wasn’t ready for what came next. One day, we are all just at our desk, doing our work, then we hear a shriek. Next moment, we hear a roar. I closed my door, thinking it was just another experiment acting up. I was pretty sure that we were all safe. I had grabbed a gun just to be safe. All was quiet for a little while. Then I heard a shriek right outside my door. No, its here, it escaped. X!”

I looked up from the book, and felt some chills go down my spine. I wondered what X was. I remembered the words written on the wall. “Beware of X”. What could that mean. Was it an experiment? I’m not sure. I showed Jake the notes. He read it then dropped it on the floor. I could tell something was wrong. I heard him start to mutter something. All I caught was: “X-no-they-I-we-(then he turned towards me)-we are in trouble.” I tried to think of something to make my fear go away. The only thing that popped in my head was Caroline. Even she couldn’t make all of the fear go away from my heart.

I started to wish that I had never been a genius. I wish that I was never chosen to go on this team. I wish, I just wish I could be with her. Caroline. I came out of my thoughts and saw Jake looking at something on the floor. I walked over to him and saw a body. It looked like a man, but I couldn’t tell. The body was bent in weird angles, and the face was messed up. I saw a gun near the body’s hand. I remembered the notes, and connected this body to that scientist. I told Jake my thoughts, and he agreed. I looked away from the body and at the doorway. I saw something come running by, like the blur of a car going by. I squinted my eyes and saw it come by again.

“Jake, somethings out there!” I said aloud.

Jake turned around and watched the doorway. He saw the blur come by and looked at me. I walked over to the door. Fighting every instinct I had, that said to turn and hide. Right when I was about to stick my head out of the doorway the blur came by. It stopped. I saw a grey skinned figure. It had blue eyes. Its mouth was disfigured. I was frozen in fear of the experiment. I looked on the glass of my helmet and saw its weakness come up. It was something I didn’t want to do. It was sound. High velocity sound. I thought to myself, that this would possibly let all of the experiments inside of this forsaken lab know where we were. Behind me, I heard the sound of a gun. I knew it was Jake, but I couldn’t tell him its weakness.

He ran over to me and shoved me out of the way. The experiment looked at Jake’s face. He froze with fear. I looked all around the room, and saw a megaphone on the wall. Strange that labs would have those. I looked down at the minicomputer on my arm and hacked into the lab. I turned on the megaphones as loud as I could and I saw the creature fall. It was covering up, what I thought were its ears. I left them on for a few seconds then turned them off seeing the experiment fall towards the ground. Then, I heard something that made my entire nervous system freeze up.

It was a roar. Me and Jake looked at each other. We both started to run down the hallway as fast as we could. I heard something far behind us. I turned around and saw a massive shape. I looked back ahead and saw Jake slip into a room. I ran in after him and slammed the door shut. Him and me barricaded the door with a desk and some chairs. Outside was all quiet for a while. Me and him sat down at the far wall watching the door. We heard nothing at all. Then I looked towards the wall and saw on it written, “Beware the X”. Jake looked at the message. He then looked at me. I could see his face was pale, and in the reflection of the glass, I saw my face was the same color.

I got up and walked about the room. I saw the destruction and looked over at the window. It was nighttime; then I realized something. It was broken. Jake and me looked at each other and knew what to do. We were free from the horrid place. My heart filled up with joy again, knowing that we could somehow get some help. We were about to crawl through the window, when we heard a shriek right outside the door. Jake and I froze in our spots. All of the joy that was in my heart was gone. We were so close yet so far. I regained my senses and climbed out the window. I helped Jake out and we were both back inside of the forest. We both laughed at each other, then heard a sound. It sounded like someone had just busted the door down.

I looked back through the window and told Jake to duck. As I looked back through the window, I saw a massive shape. Through the moonlight I could see its panther like face. It had a tail of a panther, paws like one, but with a big difference. It had two big tusks coming out of its mouth. I could see its glowing green eyes. They looked directly at me. I didn’t know what to do. It started to make a growling noise and slowly walked towards me. I couldn’t tell if it knew what I was but it seemed to know I was no friend.

Through the light, I saw an X on his face. I then knew, that this was X. The one thing that everybody feared most. All of my senses were gone, except for one. Fear. I slowly began to walk backwards. Jake was doing the same. then in an instant we both turned and began to sprint. I could hear X’s foot steps behind us. I couldn’t tell if it would catch up to us or not. The whole forest seemed quiet. I could see the smoke from our craft far off in the distance to my left. Jake and I just ran for our lives. I didn’t care how I felt, my life was in danger. I realized that on my helmet, its weakness had shown up. This weakness was something that I knew would probably kill me, but save Jake. Then out of nowhere a flash of light came. I heard a roar and was blinded. I fell over on my stomach and heard Jake still running.

I yelled out his name but nothing came out. I couldn’t speak. I heard a sound like an animal shriek. By the time my sight had come back I was up off the ground. I turned around and saw X running back towards the lab. I looked on a cliff and saw a figure of a person up there. Then I blacked out. I awoke to the sound of Jake’s voice.

“Wha-what happened?” I stuttered.

“To be honest, I really don’t know, that big thing-“ He said.

“X” I said cutting him off.

“X?” he said with a confused tone.

“X, that’s the experiments name.” I said.

“Oh, well anyway all I saw was someone come up on that cliff over there. They did some weird flash thing and that scared the exp- X away.” Jake explained.

“Well, whoever did it, saved us.” I said.

“You think; you think it may be a scientist. One who survived the experiments and knows how to defeat them all.” He said.

I burst out with laughter. “One scientist who can defeat them all.” I mocked him. “I mean, come on. I highly doubt any scientist survived the experiments. Not to mention X. I believe that it was just a good timing power surge. Look, on the cliff is a light. One that is super bright and would scare away any experiment.”

“Well, I guess your right. All they have are lab coats. The experiments could go right them.” said Jake. “The scientist had no protection from them.”

Jake and I walked up a hill leading to the top of the cliff. As we walked I looked around in the dark forest. Seeing only what the moon allowed me. We walked silently only hearing the crunching of dead leaves and our breathing. I looked at Jake walking in front of me. We reached the top of the hill and where the lights were on the cliff. I wondered who could have done that. Was it to save us? or themselves? Who knows. We walked over to the lights. I looked around and saw some clothes on the ground to form a type of bed. I walked over to the lights and saw a small generator next to them.

Interesting. All of it was interesting. This means that we are not alone in this forsaken land. I had no clue what Jake was thinking of all of this. I looked on the ground and saw a journal. I picked it up and read it. It read:

Meet me in the mess hall of the lab. The two of you may be my only hope of survival. Yes I am a scientist. I know what you’re here for. All will be explained. Just meet me please.”

I looked at Jake and threw the journal towards him. He caught it and read it. Once he was done reading it he looked up at me. We both decided to go and meet whoever this was. I knew it was a bad idea to go back into the lab. We both knew, but if a scientist lived, we need to know how. They may be the only person alive who knows how to stop the experiments. We walked back down the hill. A million thoughts were going through my head. One was, go run you stupid man. Another was get as far away from this horrid lab, now! One of my thoughts was, this scientist is as smart as I am and may be able to get us out of here and destroy these experiments. I will go with that thought. For now.

I was struggling to go back towards the lab. My legs felt like Jell-O. I had to fight every instinct to turn and run in the opposite direction. Then again, I didn’t even know what way was I to go. I saw Jake was ahead of me. Evidently he had no fear, or was like me fighting every instinct but he was able to fight harder than I. We walked now towards the lab. I could see its massive shape in the distance. My legs felt even heavier now as I was fighting my instincts. Jake seemed fine. I didn’t know what he was thinking right now. It was probably the same as me.

The lab came within a few feet of us. I could see the lights went out. There was no flickering or any sound in there. We saw the broken window. I looked in and saw no experiment. We climbed through the window and looked in the room. It was the same before. We saw the busted down door on the ground from what X did. I looked out into the hallway. All I saw was darkness except for where my helmet lights allowed me to look. I slowly walked down the hallway. I felt my heart thumping harder and harder every step I took. I knew Jake was right behind me, but I wasn’t going to turn my back to this hallway.

I walked towards the door and looked through the window it had. All I saw was the same picture as before. Nothing new was there. We walked inside of the room. I looked around and heard some rubble move. I looked over where the noise came from and saw someone in a white coat come out. It was a male figure and had long black hair. No long hair like a girl, more like just longer male hair. He had a long nose and green eyes. He looked at us.

“So, you work with the people trying to destroy us.” he said. “Aren’t you called N.P.O.S.”

“Yes, National Protectors of Official Security.” said Jake. “We are, well were, the alpha team of them.”

“I know, I saw your craft go down.” said the scientist. “I may know how to get out of here.”

“What!?” I yelled.

                                                          Chapter 4


“Wait, you know how to get out?” asked Jake.

“Yes, I know how to get out of here. The only problem is that I need power. The lab was running on backup power. Those flickering lights you saw when you first came in, were the backup power.” said the scientist. “I need the real power turned on.”

“How can we do that?” I asked.

“Well your suits, they have computer screens in them, right?” he asked.

“Yes, they also run on power. Like electricity.” I answered.

“Good, good, we will need all of the power we can get.” he said. “You can call me Dr. Plike. I was one of the lead scientists here. Until I intercepted something from N.P.O.S. I didn’t tell anyone until your craft was picked up on the radar. That was when everything went bad. One of our scientist was working with an experiment. The experiment was fine until they did something. I don’t know exactly what, but it went mad. It killed the scientists that were tending to it. Then it escaped. I looked on the radar and saw your craft was less than 10 minutes away. Then, I saw it go off the radar. I guess that you can explain the rest.”

“Yes, but that’s for another time. What about the other experiments?” Jake asked.

“They saw that one experiment escape. The next was B.L.U.E. 2. that one drove one of our scientist mad. That was its power. Then X. X was what killed most everyone. I saw you had an encounter with him. I was hoping you wouldn’t. Now it knows your smell. You can’t hide. Lets go.” said Dr. Plike.

We walked out and towards the front door of the lab. I told Plike that the doors were shut but he said that’s no problem. He swiped his key card and the doors opened. I looked at it in wonder. Before, the doors were shut, and basically destroyed. I looked around and saw a gleam in the scientist eye. We walked outside and saw it was still dark. In the moonlight I could see only around me.

“Over there in the distance is our generator. That is where the electricity should be turned on.” said Dr. Plike. “It is fenced in so be careful. I don’t know what experiment could have made it over there. You, (he said pointing to me) go over there and turn on the power.”

“Fine.” I said. I walked fearing that this would happen. I knew me and Jake would be separated and I would probably die. This reminded me of that horror movie I had watched. When one man goes and risks his life to turn on power and save the others. He usually never returns from his job. He either dies or turns into a zombie or something. I pictured myself as an experiment. I thought that was funny but weird at the same time. I walked the lonely walk towards a little shape in the distance, where the scientist had pointed.

I looked towards the moon seeing its dark face. I didn’t know what to think of. Nothing could push the fear out of my heart. It was consuming by the minute. I had never felt anything like this until now. I wondered what Jake and Plike were up to. Probably thinking of some way to escape, once the power came back on. I walked around in the woods seeing only the trees thick trunks and thin limbs. All of these were only silhouettes. I thought of Caroline once again. Thinking she may push some fear away. Which she did, as always. I remember my fist day, when I was saying goodbye to people. Caroline was last for I wanted longer with her. She told not to be afraid. Which is what she may tell me now.

I missed her so much. I wish she was here, or I was with her. I looked down at my feet, which blended in with the dark ground. My black armor, which was the only one of its kind, made me blend in with the shadow around me. I looked around at the trees and see nothing but black silhouettes. I only heard my breath and the crunching of leaves beneath me. I felt my heart thumping very fast. Every step I took, it got went faster and faster. As I walked, I heard something behind me. My entire body froze. I turned around and saw nothing.

My breathing began to get faster and faster. I looked back in front of me and saw nothing. I feared to look back again. So I decided to move forward. With one struggling step, I stumbled and ran into a tree. I fell backwards feeling the pain of my face hitting the glass of my helmet. As my head fell back on the ground, I saw something behind me. It was only a silhouette for the darkness covered it. I realized that it was an experiment from earlier. It was the camouflage one. My screen went red. I pulled my gun out anyway and shot at it.

It didn’t move at all. It just stood there doing nothing, just watching me and my bullets fly into its body. I watched as it moved forward. Its movement was like it was floating across the ground. I got up and looked it straight in the face. I punched it making it go flying backwards. It looked back at me, and reached one of its arms out, copying what I had just done to it. I felt its hard punch, knocking me on the ground. I looked up and did one final thing. I reached inside of my pocket and found a grenade. I pulled the pin and threw the grenade in the experiments face. It exploded on impact just as I had expected it to.

The blast sent me flying. I could hear the shrapnel hit my armor. I knew my armor would not withstand that. I felt it go into my body. I could feel my body begin to ache. I felt my blood pounding faster and faster. I could feel the pain. So this is what it felt like? strange, I had never thought shrapnel or even a knife would feel like this. By instinct my hand went up to cover the wound. I couldn’t feel anything, so I guess the shrapnel was deep inside of me. I knew, from history class, that shrapnel and other things that stab you, hold in most blood. They clog up the wound, so technically I am ok, for now. I looked around and saw the experiment was gone.

Strange, I thought it had no weakness. Strange. I got up and walked around. I could feel my heart beat racing. I knew I needed medical attention. Not now. Not ever. I pulled out one of my healing shots. I jabbed the needle into my arm and let go of the syringe. I fell to the ground, and managed not to break. I fell on the ground and blacked out. All of my thoughts came before me. Of the scientists, of the experiments, of X, and of something I missed. Something I should have paid more attention to. B.L.U.E. 2. Man, I can’t believe I missed that. I woke up. I thought of it again.

I remember in that note, which I still had, it had sketches of experiments. I pull in out of my pocket and looked at it. On the first page, it had a lot of eraser marks. Meaning that this experiment changed a lot. I remember the word for what its probably called: metamorphosis. So one experiment could change. I looked below that one, and saw what looked like a strange creature with wings. Then I remember the craft. Right before it crashed I looked upon that experiment. It could rip through metal easily. I begin to walk, so I could think and make it to the power station at the same time. I look at the third. I saw nothing except for a, well, “blob”. Inside of the fully shaded blob was two white spots, must be where its eyes are.

I look below that picture and see something. It looked like a bar graph. On the side it said danger, and on the bottom it said number of days. It seemed every day it got more dangerous. Maybe just maybe that creature is what happened to S.A.C.K.S. I don’t know, and I really don’t want to know. I look ahead of me and see the power station. It was fenced in. So I decided to walk over to the gate. I saw it was torn off its hinges. I held my gun by my side, ready for anything. I walked towards a door that leads inside the station. I opened it up, and saw red lights inside. The horror movie flashed inside of my head. Red lights always mean something bad.

I step one foot inside of it. My heart pacing quicker and quicker. My eyes began to hurt because of the lights. My breathing became faster, and faster. I looked upon the glass of my helmet, and see it fog up, then go away and fog up again. I walk inside and I see some broken glass. I step on it, for it is the only way across. It hear its noise, and stop, then I do it again. My heart felt like it would explode. I crossed the room and saw a sign. It read: <- Control Room | Laboratories -> I walked the way where the sing pointed towards the control room. As I got closer, I heard some machinery. It made a sort of churning sound as I walked. I walked up some stairs and saw a door. On the glass it read: Control Room: 3. I opened the door slowly.

I peeked my head inside and saw the control room. It was made up of a bunch of computers. Some were bigger than others. I walked over to the center of the room and saw what looked like the master computer. I walked over towards it and pressed the power button. It made a buzzing sound, then a beep. It turned on and the screen came to life. I thought it was weird. “Does no one use passwords anymore?” I said out loud. I looked on the computers desktop and saw that it had some folders. I looked around for the mouse, and then realized that the computer was touch screen. I tapped on the folder and it opened up. I saw a message folder and opened that up. It came up with a chat, it read:

G: Have you unlocked its secrets yet?

P: Yes, I am so close, you should come and see them for youself.

G: Send them to me, I must have them. We cannot let the government or anyone else have these secrets. Do you know what this means?

P: No, wat?

G: It means that the govenment could not have them you dummy. We must possess these secrets for ourselves. If the government finds out abut these scecrets they will send in the police or even N.P.O.S. WE CANNOT HAVE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!! UNDERSTAND???

P: Yes, I understand, no need to use so much caps, and by the way that’s not how you spell secrets or government. Does sacks know about this?

G: You idiot, I run sacks. These experiments will be the future. I just need to get it right.

P: Wait, if you run sacks why do you need me to unlock secrets?

G: It won’t make me feel like a traitor, only you, if they find out.

P: You _____ you betrayed me. You set me up.

Last message sent Jan. 9th at 10:51 p.m.

G has left the chat.

A lot of thoughts went through my head. The first one was to turn back on the power. I looked around and saw a red lever on the wall. Next to it a yellow sign that said: Power Restart. I walked over towards it. With all of my strength I pulled it down. I heard the churning machinery start to go faster. I looked at the lights which went out for a few seconds then came back on as regular lights. They were really bright and hurt my eyes. I looked around and walked back to the computer. As I was going through files I heard some static. I looked around and on the floor there was a radio.

I picked it up and heard a voice. It said:

“Does anyone copy we still need help. Can you send in some air support like a helicopter to come pick us up? Hello, does anyone copy? If you do please answer back.”

“I copy, I repeat I copy. Who is this, over.”

“It’s a scientist, I alive, me and two N.P.O.S. agents are here at S.A.C.K.S. We need some form a transportation.”

“Roger that, we’ll meet you at the heli-landing pad on top of S.A.C.K.S. labs. Be there in ten minutes. Is that ok?”

“Yea, we’ll be waiting.”

“Zachery out.”

The radio silenced. I talked into it saying:

“Hey, Dr. Plike, is that you?”

“Yeah, me and you friend are here, I saw you turned back on the power. Thanks to you we’ll all be saved. Meet us back in the mess hall. Oh, and don’t press on any files In control room three. In fact, just come back here. Ok?”

“Ok, I’ll be there.”

I turned the radio off. I could feel some hope return inside of me. I knew all was going to be well.

                                                    Chapter 5

                                                    Home Free?

I walked back over towards the computer and looked through a file named experiments. It took me to a database filled with every experiment. I looked at it and saw there were 19 experiments. I looked at all of them and clicked on one. It brought to its file. I saw what it could do, its weakness, what it didn’t like, what it did like, it even showed me its age. Based on the age, they must have been doing this for years, because this experiment was five. I went back to the regular database screen. I connected my helmet. I made it to where I could download things into my helmet. I knew it would be useful someday.

I saw its progress come in. It was 46% done when the radio turned on. “Hey rookie, you there? Well anyway I wanted to let you know, I can’t believe we survived this. We’re home free baby!” I heard the radio turn off. Hearing Jake say baby made me laugh. I never imagined him saying that. He was always serious, but I guess he was more happy this time. I saw that the progress was 83% done. Then I heard something step on the glass down the hall. I froze.

The only noise I could hear was the downloading and the computer. I didn’t want to turn around, and I didn’t want to mess up the download. It was 89% done. “Come on, load faster.” I said aloud. I heard some footsteps when it was at 93% percent. What happened, it loaded fast before, now it was going slow. I could hear the footsteps getting closer. 95%. “You stupid thing, load faster.” I said. The footsteps seemed right outside inside the stairwell. 98%. “Please, please load faster.” I practically begged. 99%. Complete.

Right then the door opened up. I unplugged and swung around backwards. I aimed my gun. Then shock filled my entire body.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the rookie genius. Been a little while hasn’t it?” asked a very familiar voice.

“General?” I asked.

“Yep, you got it right.” he said.

“You-you died, only me and Jake survived.” I stuttered.

“Come on now, you really think a crash is gonna bring down your general. How stupid are ya?” he asked.

“Well, I-I just thought, I just thought that you had died.”

“Hmph, I’ll tell you what, here’s our story. So we were inside of that crash, just like you and Jake. I was in the cockpit with the two pilots and two other men. We were all talking when something came up on the radar. It attacked us and made the craft crash. When it did, the cockpit broke off and landed far off that away. We came over and found a little stream. That is where we set up camp. We didn’t think anyone survived, but evidently we were wrong. We saw the fire from far away. I was surprised it didn’t start a forest fire or anything like that.

We walked for a long time then eventually ended up here. We looked all around and found nothing. We set up camp inside of control room one. Someone had set off the motion sensors. We thought it was an experiment, but it was just you. While I was walking down the hallway the power went out. Then turned back on. Then I found you.”

“Well, lets get moving and meet these others. They’ll be eager to meet you.” he said.

We walked along the room, and down the staircase. I looked at the general who was being so cautious. We walked slowly down the hallway then down to a room I missed in the broken glass hallway. We stepped over the glass, careful not to make a noise. I followed him up another staircase and into a room. On the door it read: Control room 2. “Umm… aren’t we going to control room one?” I asked. He just nodded and walked towards and window in this control room. It was broken, and below it was another room. It looked just like this one. He looked at me, then at the room. He jumped out the window.

I watched as he fell the turned on his jetpack and flew into the room. He beckoned me to follow. I jumped and turned on my jetpack. It could hear its flame exhaust. I flew into the room. It was too dark to see anything. I looked back from where I flew and saw that it was outside. So the control rooms must be outside, so they could see everything. I turned on my helmets flashlights. I saw not what I expected. I saw four bodies on the ground and three figures standing up. The general was standing in between to the figures next to them. I shined my light on the two figures next to him. They were both experiments. I saw my new database come up on the side of my view and saw it locate which one these two were. Numbers 17 and 18. They made hallucinations.

I looked at them. They were both grey and had spikes on their heads. They had purple eyes and sharp claws. I saw their weakness come up. It was just what I had. I took out a grenade, but right when I did that the general pounced on me. I fell to the ground and lost the grenade. How could a hallucination hurt me? I got up and punched the general in the face. He punched me in my head. I pulled out one of the special daggers Jake had given me. “Sorry general.” I said as I stabbed it into him. He fell limp on my body and I pushed him off. I looked at the two mind controllers and reached for my grenade. I pulled the pin but this time, I jumped out the window and threw the grenade at them.

As I fell I could here the explosion and the horrible shrike the experiments made. This new database was helpful. I turned on my jetpack at the last moment and saved my self. I turned it off and fell to the ground. I had thought that I had finally found someone else who was alive, but it turned out he had been mind controlled. I looked around me and saw the fence. I looked back and saw the tall building. It was five or six stories high. The first control room was on the fourth story. The second was on the fifth, the third was on the sixth floor. I was lucky to fall out of the first, not the third.

I remembered I was timed. I think I have about five or six minutes left. I begin to sprint as fast as I could. I went past the gate and our of the fenced in area. I ran into the woods. I was running as fast as I could. In the distance I could hear something that sounded like a helicopter. I turned around only to try and see it. I couldn’t because the trees were in the way. I had to make it back in time. I turned back around and began to sprint again. I could see the sun beginning to rise. As I ran I felt alive again. Like there was yet hope still left in the world.

I saw the lab up ahead as I was running. I was so excited to get out of this dreadful place. I ran into the clearing where the lab was. I sprinted through the doors and straight towards the mess hall. I saw Dr. Plike and Jake looking around. Jake saw me and beckoned me towards him. As I stepped towards him, I saw his face was not light.

“I don’t trust this doctor.” he whispered.

“Why not, I mean he just got us out.” I whispered back.

“He talked to himself on the way to the heli-pad. He said he will show them both. Probably means us.”

“Hmm… I still don’t understa-wait look at this (I showed him the screen shot of the conversation) Interesting isn’t it?

“Indeed, I don’t see why he would sell S.A.C.K.S. secrets like that. Unless he was getting a good buyer.”

“Possible, very possible.”

We both looked over at Dr. Plike who seemed interested in the table that was in the wall. Then, overhead we could hear the faint noise of the chopper. We all looked at each other and knew what to do. We all sprinted, following the scientist. He went up a stair case and into a room. In the corner of the room I could see something. I just didn’t know what it was. I squinted my eyes to try to make the scene better, then I saw the massive shape of X. We all stood there not knowing what to do. Even Plike, scared to death, stood still.

“Dang it! So close!” yelled Dr. Plike.

I was just about to say “Shut up Dr. Plike, X is gonna wake up” but I was to late. X stirred and rolled over. I could now see his face. His eyes opened up and looked at us. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt chills go down my spine. X looked around the room and saw the three of us. He looked like he had yawned, then he stood up. He roared. He drowned out every noise. Even the chopper outside of the heli-landing pad. Everything went quiet, it made me feel like I was deaf. I looked at Jake and saw on his face was fear. The scientist did not move. X stuck one paw forward, then another. He was going for the scientist. I guess his white cloak gave him away. Through every instinct I had to fight, I pulled my gun up and pointed it at X.

That was probably the stupidest idea in my life. When I pulled the trigger, the loud noise gave me away. X looked at me, but right then, the bullets hit his face. He backed away in pain and roared again. He ran towards me and hit my body with one paw. I was sent flying into the wall. He stalked over towards me as I lay on the ground in pain. I didn’t know what to do, for I couldn’t move a muscle. X got down low, as if in a position of pouncing on something. Then I heard more gunshots. I looked over and through my helmet lights I could make out Jake shooting at X.

The scientist then jumped on X’s back. He injected something into X and he fell over. I didn’t know if he was dead or just sleeping but either way we could make it past him. We walked passed him and into another room. This room looked like a lab. It was pure white with tables and other things like equipment. I could see a computer screen still glowing. I walked over towards it and saw that it was a video recording. I hit play. The video turned on and a man came up.

“If you are seeing this, welcome to S.A.C.K.S.! This means that we had accomplished our goal. To make a better weapon for war! Us, S.A.C.K.S., have decided to come up with some weapons. S.A.C.K.S. was meant to make America the greatest country out their alive! We do everything here, from weapons testing, to even creating the weapons ourselves. As you go on the tour around our building you will see many scientific improvements. No other scientist is where we are today.

Then another man appeared on the screen and told the other man something. He turned towards the screen.

“Well, we have something to go take care of. Enjoy your stay at S.A.C.K.S. Remember; do not go off the tour guides route!”

The screen went back to the beginning of the video. I was pretty sure that they were going to have visitors. I just didn’t know who.

“Creepy video.” said Jake behind me.

I jumped. Then turned around “Yeah, umm can we get moving now. I kind of want to get home.” Jake just nodded at me. We looked around for Dr. Plike but didn’t see him. I saw a staircase and we decided to take it. Once we entered the room we could see Dr. Plike halfway up the steps. We ran up after him.

“Wow, not to fast old man.” said Jake.

“Sorry, I thought you guys were right behind me. My bad, please forgive me.” he said.

“Alright lets get moving.” I said.

We all started up the steps again. We passed many doors on the way up. All of them said LAB then a number. We had passed lab 6 by the time we got to the roof. The loud noise of the chopper got me excited.

“There they are.” said a voice from the chopper.

Dr. Plike was the first one on. Then as Jake was about to get on, Dr. Plike pulled out a gun. He shot Jake in the leg, and he fell over. He pointed the gun towards me and pulled the trigger. I could feel the pain in my leg begin right away. I fell over.

“What was that?” asked a guy from the chopper.

“They had a sickness inside of them. They could have killed us by giving it to us. I had to stop them and save our lives.” said Dr. Plike.

I could hear the chopper pull away.

“No! Wait! I’m still here! Don’t leave me!” I yelled; then I blacked out.

*Note: I am adding on more chapters. This is what I have so far.