Los Modismos

por Sam y McKenna

1. Idioma: Hay moros en la costa.

Origen: With the majority of the Spanish coast facing North Africa, it was commonplace for the Moorish pirates to raid Spanish ports in the 13th century. This idiom is now used to express caution, if an authoritative figure is around.

Literal Translation: There are Moors on the coast.

2. Idioma: No saber ni jota de algo.

Origen: This Spanish expression is used to say someone doesn't have a clue on a particular subject. Some suggest this expression stems from a common Spanish swear word, starting with the letter "j". In this case, "jota" would be a more appropriate term to use.

Literal Translation: Not to know even the letter j about.

3. Idioma: Disfrutar como un enano.

Origen: Dwarves led a privileged life back in the 17th century, entertaining royal children and having a jolly good time doing so.

Literal Translation: To enjoy yourself like a dwarf.

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