Email Etiquette

Hope Jensen

  1. Try not to use ALL CAPS when writing an email, because your readers may think you are yelling at them.
  2. Try to be as brief as possible, so the reader can understand.
  3. Use appropriate language and tone and know your audience, so the reader doesn't think you are mad.
  4. Pay attention to things like capitalization. spelling and don’t ramble, so the reader know what you are trying to say.
  5. Consider others feelings and don’t send send emails when you are mad, so you don't say something that you can't take back.
  6. Be careful what you send and post, so that in the future you can do things and not have to be stopped by your previous mistakes.
  7. Ask permission before sending especially if it is property or information that belongs to someone else, because there may be something you send that can hurts someone else's feelings.

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