Touching Spirit Bear Summery

I don't really know where to start. I'll start at amazing i think this book is a good lesson for people like me. This book made me know people in my class like i really didn't know them very well know i  know them a little more like stuff that have happened in there life. But this book will inspire a lot of people like me this book is one of the best lesson book. This book has a lesson about people changing and people can change this book has changed me and i'm not just saying that i actually mean it. This book is amazing i really don't know what else to say than inspiring.

    So this book starts with a 15 year old bad boy he was the meanest kid in the book and also the main character. I the beginning of the book he beat up this kid named peter he was really mad for no reason and he wanted to take his anger on someone so he picked someone which was the kid peter. So he beat him really bad to then he went to juvenile and then he stayed  there  and then they sent him to a island. Then from there he had to survive and learn his lesson and he had to do the circle of justice. Then he got attacked by a bear then he changed not all o a sudden but changed he apologized to the kid he beat up then after that every thing changed he changed his feeling changed everything changed but that was the good part of the book.   

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