K-12 Mobile Apps

Samantha Straub, EDU 210

1. Count TV
This app is for children who are on the younger spectrum (age 3), but can also be used for children with special needs. It is an easy app to use and teaches the child how to count numbers 1-9. The game is fun and there is no necessary testing involved. It allows the child to learn in a fun and carefree environment.

2. Bug Math
This app is for children who are 5 years old. The app is used for basic math skills, like addition & subtraction, counting, sorting etc. The app is slightly harder to use, so for a child with fine motor disabilities it might be a challenge. For children who are ok with their fine motor skills it may help improve them.

3. Tetris Blitz
This app is directed towards children the age of 8. This app teaches children about shapes and geometry. The child has to have to align the shapes and be aware of matching. It also helps improve time management skills and problem solving skills.

4. Mathemagics-- Mental Math Tricks
This magical app is made for children who are 12 years old. This app practices with multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, patterns, and estimation. By playing these games the children are learning how to do math at a faster pace. The tricks are important in stimulating the brain. The level is a little harder than the last few, but there are fantastic tutorials and step by step instructions.

5. Math- Decimal Subtractions
This app is made for children ages 10 and up. The game teaches the child to subtract decimals in three categories. This app has an added feature of having a test at the end so the child can visualize the improvements.

I believe all of these apps are noteworthy!

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