Huge flood kills hundreds in Honolulu  
by J.Jonah Jameson Jr
edited by Norris Dixon II

     April 3 2055  tropical storm Norris floods southern Honolulu by over flowing  the shore  at 9:30 am April 1st tropical storm Norris hit the shores of sunny Honolulu it was predicted to end very quickly but stayed for days with out stop. until April 2 as the children noticed that the rain stooped they saw that the tide was not going down in fact  it was going up at a alarming rate and in under 18 hours the water was ripping houses from there frame destroying sky scrapers sucking people in.

       witness Sam Alexander  had this to say ' me and my sister we were on the roof but it   it broke the house down an the water stole my sister i cant find her. there was just to much water i could not swim to find her why my whole street was destroyed'.

Expert Dr Bruce banner meteorologist had this to say 'this flood was like no other it was actually caused by a rain storm. this has never happened before and makes me worry that this may happen again but on a bigger scale this could bring man king to the stone ages.

Rescue  projects have started but non of the 300 missing have been found. So please volunteer to help save the family's  that have been damaged by this tragedy.   


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