Poor sleep is early warning sign for alcohol and drug abuse

     I read an article on BBC that talked about recent studies that show that poor sleeping habits in teenagers can be early signs of drug and alcohol abuse in later years. Scientists found adolescents with bad sleep habits were more likely to engage in risky behavior in the years to come than those who slept soundly. They tracked sleep patterns, alcohol and drug use through a large nationwide survey conducted in three waves between 1994 and 2002. The less the sleep the teenager got the more they abused drugs and alcohol. Teenagers who found it difficult to sleep almost every night were 33% more likely to have these problems than ones who fell asleep easily. Each additional hour of sleep was linked to a decrease in odds of binge drinking. Researchers found the fewer the hours of sleep adolescents reported on average, the greater the odds they would subsequently experience a host of problems, including relationship issues triggered by alcohol misuse.

      I found this article very interesting and eye opening. I know most of my friends and peers don't get enough sleep on a daily basis and now I know that there are even more health problems that go with not getting enough sleep. This article told me a lot of helpful information and it applies to many high schoolers. High schoolers tend to have a problem with both of these issues and this article is very helpful and is a good read.


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