Admirable Aquarium

By: Logan and Anthony

Our mission was to create an aquarium that satisfies our clients, Mr. and Mrs. Heinz. They wanted  an aquarium that suits their house decorations and that truly makes their house glow.

This is the fish that we thought fits the Heinz the best. This fish is called the Micky Mouse Platy. This fish has a life span of 5 years. We picked this fish so that the Heinz could have an outstanding next five years. Also, the Platy is an omnivore and will eat almost anything. Therefore, it is really easy to feed. This fish is easy to take care of and will be a perfect fit for the Heinz.

The fish tank we chose for the Heinz and their fish, is a well built medium sized tank. Perfect for 3 Micky Mouse Platys . The tank can hold 46.9 gallons of water and its volume is 10800 square inches. The dimensions are 36 inches by 15 inches by 20 inches.

For the Heinz's aquarium to look stellar, 14 bags of gravel is necessary. Also, the gravel needs to be 2 inches deep. This will give the Platys plenty of room to swim. The total volume of the gravel will be 1,080 inches cubed. The blue gravel that we will use will go perfectly with their playroom.

The first spectacular decoration that we will use to make the Heinz's aquarium pop is the volcano bubbler. This volcano bubbler will only cost 25$.

The second decoration that will make the Heinz's aquarium hype is the blue ribbon plant, only costing 10$ each. We will fit 2 of these in the admirable aquarium.

The final decoration that we are using to make the Heinz's aquarium dazzle is the beautiful tree root. One tree root will cost only 20$.

- Medium sized fish tank 225$

- Item #1003 up to 60 gallons 70$

- Tru Tempt heater 36$

- Fluorescent lid 36 inches 50$

-Volcano Bubbler 25$

-  2 Blue ribbon plants 20$

- Aquarium tree root 20$

- 14 bags of gravel 77$

- 3 Micky Mouse Platys 3$

- Total 526$

$1.00x = $3.00     x=3

Hope the Heinz will enjoy!!!!!!!

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