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Introduction Getting set up to do scarcity maximizer review, like I talked about in the previous module, is a necessary first step. But once you’ve got the basic infrastructure in place, you need to decide what business to do! That means you have to decide five things: ? What niche market you’ll target, based primarily on profit potential ? Whether you can sell to that market at a profit in reality (potential is only potential…you want some proof) ? How you’ll deliver your product (meaning, what form it’ll be in) ? Exactly what you’ll sell initially ? How you’ll make money after the initial sale, on the “backend” This module will show you how to select a profitable market and choose a hot topic that people are eager to hear about.

You’ll learn how to research markets to determine and decide what to sell to that market. To help you keep your bearings, I’m going to give you a few methods for creating a product using the core business model discussed in Module 1. The method you choose will depend on a few factors such as your level experience, prominence in the market and, of course, the resources at your disposal.

To make this concrete, here are the steps you’ll follow: 1. Pick a niche 2. Test the market 3. Choose a delivery method (ebook, audio, video) 4. Decide what to sell…and create it 5. Find your backend profit engine Let’s go over each of these steps in detail.\ Step 1: Pick A Niche ou’ve probably heard of the concept of niche marketing.

That’s simple the process of finding a small scarcity maximizer review (a “niche”) of a larger market that you can target with products you know people in that niche want to buy. It’s a great concept, but I’m going to simplify things for you here. I’m not going to talk about niche marketing in general, because I haven’t made my money in the health niche, or the auto enhancement niche, or the self-help niche.

I’ve made my money in various niches within the Internet marketing (IM) market, so that’s what I’ll talk about. Look For Profit Potential The first step is to select a market that you know will be profitable. You want a competitive market where a lot of money is already being spent. There will always be room in a market of cash-in-hand buyers.

All you need is a small slice of the pie. So now you may be wondering…what makes a market profitable? Many new marketers think you need to find untapped niche markets to be successful. But markets with high demand and no competition are very rare. You might be able to make a little money in a niche market where there is little competition.

But you can’t build a business in a market with low demand. Okay, so where’s the demand? It’s in any market that helps people ? Make money ? Save money ? Improve their lives in some way But that’s a little too broad to be helpful. You need to find a subset of a market (remember, that’s what a niche is) to target like a laser. This isn’t as hard to do as you might think.

Any market can get broken down. The “Make Money” market can be broken down into: ? Home business ? Forex trading ? Real estate investments ? Gambling (horse betting, poker, etc.) The “Save Money” market can be broken down into: ? Tax deductions ? Debt consolidation ? Mortgage savings ? Gas coupons The “Self Improvement Market” can be broken down into: ? Weight loss (huge market) ? Longevity (everybody wants to live a longer) ? Self help (think Tony Robbins) ? Hobbies and Leisure (golf, vacations, etc.)

Basically the idea behind choosing a market within these three categories is that you’re targeting the emotional needs of consumers. Fortunately for marketers, those needs have pretty much always been the same. Beyond basic survival, everybody wants to live better a better lifestyle. They think “better” means having more money (or saving money), or having better health, or having better relationships.

Remember, people purchase based on emotion and justify their purchase based on logic, so if you can’t appeal to the emotional side of your customers, you are going to have a very hard time making any sales. So if you want to maximize your chances for success, I suggest you choose a market where ? There’s an emotional need you can meet ? There is already money being made Fortunately, there’s a great free tool you can use to find hot markets full of products that sell very well. I’ll talk about in just a minute.

But one more thing… Don’t Ignore IM I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you the truth about IM… First, most Internet marketers who sell ebooks about how to sell to niche markets have never sold to any other scarcity maximizer review. They show ClickBank screen shots on the sales pages, but they didn’t make all that money selling to niche markets.

They made all that money selling ebooks on how to make money in niche markets! So while most marketers try to “pitch the niche,” I recommend that you start out selling products to people like you who want to work from home and make money online. You’ll hear lots of people screaming about how targeting the IM crowd is too hard. They’ll say it’s too competitive, or too expensive to advertise, or all the same stuff being sold by everybody. In a way, they have a point. The IM market is crowded.

There are lots of marketers targeting this group of people. But the market has some characteristics that make it just about perfect for what you want to do: ? The market is gargantuan. It’s staggeringly huge already, and with new people coming online every day, the market is getting bigger daily. ? People in this market spend money. Lots of it.

They buy like their lives depend on it, because their financial lives often do. These people are used to taking out their wallets and buying online, which is exactly what you want. This is truly a rabid market, and it’s very easy to break into. When people tell you it’s not, that’s because they don’t want more competition. ? There’s a huge number of sub-niches to choose from.

“The IM market” is really almost a meaningless concept because it’s so big. There are literally hundreds of sub-niches within that market, and you’ll want to target one of those. ? There’s plenty of room for you. I just said there are hundreds of sub-niches to choose from. That means you can target one, take a small sliver of the profit pie, and not step on anybody’s toes.

You won’t be fighting Wal-Mart for market share, or Nike to get people’s attention. You can carve out your own little piece and make a killing. ? You earn as you learn. This one’s a biggie. Think about it…if you’re selling products in a different niche, you have to learn about that niche in order to sell the products and you have learned how to sell at the same time. With IM, you get to earn as you learn.

And here’s the cool part…Once you ramp up your business and can show a consistent cash flow, you can sell it and then go into any niche you want having learned all the marketing techniques required to be successful. IM isn’t “too hard” or “too competitive” or “too crowded” if you know what you’re doing and you do the right things.

The rest of this course will show you how to do that. Okay, now let’s talk about that free tool that will let you find hot markets full of products that are already selling well


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