Computer Viruses
By E.Bandy

How to protect your computer, from computer viruses. One computer virus is the worm.  This website will help you learn about the worm, and teach you different ways to protect yourself from this virus.This website will also tell you a little bit about the asser and Netsky virus.


Worms are much like viruses but they self- replicate, whereas a virus doesn't. Worms take advantage of backdoor and security holes in operating systems and applications. They look for other systems on the network or through the internet that are running the same applications and replicate to those other systems. With worms, the user doesn't need to access and execute the malware. A virus needs some sort of carrier to get it where it wants to go and needs explicit instructions to be executed, or it must be executed by the user. The worm doesn't need this carrier or explicit instructions to be executed. For more information, for a book called Authorized Cert Guide Security+ SY0-301 Second Edition. Chapter 2 Computers Systems Security, pages 28-30

How To Protect Yourself From Worms

Worms can be prevented and troubleshot in the same manner as viruses. In some cases, AV software scans for worms and Trojan Horses in addition to viruses. The application at this link and most AV software can easily detect RATs such as SubSeven, which was mentioned previously in the chapter, regardless of whether it is the actual attacker's applications or any. exe files that are part of the application and are used as at the victim computer.For more information look for a book called Authorized Cert Guide Security+ SY0-301 Second Edition. Pages 28-30

Sasser And Netsky 1 Of The 10 Worst Computer Viruses

The virus Netsky moved through emails in the windows networks. Nesky was also a worm. The Sasser worm attacked emails through in the Microsoft windows. A young man named Seven Jaschan unleashed on to the internet. this was a couple details about the Sasser and Netsky viruses. For more information go to

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