3-Dimensional Photography

Today in class we discovered how to capture 3D photos....it is much simpler than it sounds.  First we downloaded an app on our iPads/tablets/smart phones called i3DSteroidfree.  Then we snapped a picture of something nearby, I took an angle picture of the keyboard, then ever so slightly moved to the right and snapped again. Next we modified the colors with clicking on already created settings to add more cyan or add more red to the picture to make it "jump" out at you.  Then we clicked on a "magic hat," it looks like a clown hat, and it automatically fixes the picture to make it jump out at you! The pictures below are a few of my favorite that I snapped around Texas State, but they do only work with the old school, inexpensive 3D glasses.

#3D #Photography #gradschool

Taking ordinary items and changing the perspective #keyboard #3D
This is one of my favorites with the use of 3D #flowers #3D
I am loving how the bark just jumps out with the 3D effects #tree #bark #3D
Think I will be keeping this app for awhile; just for fun #brickwall #3D
River rocks give an awesome texture to the eye with 3D effect #river #rocks #3D
Back to the classroom for now.. #takeaseat #schoolsinsession #3D

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3 years ago

Awesome modified pics! Pretty cool.

3 years ago

Thanks @andriatriv! I am really enjoying this class, and hope to keep up with the tackk once it's finished.