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Dear,Ms Sara

I am reading the book of Arthur.

I chake that book of Arthur because i like how they writed of good because they write them  funy and they know how to write a book. i said that because because i thing that the auther always want to rite one and he do his dream because he want mony and famost to give things to his famaly because they dont have nothing to eat and to give if is mothers day or somthing that happend to his famaly.

My pridiction is that Arthur is going to go to a big and and so scary because was so bad and not beautifull becase there are goust and alot of things that go up in the air so they stay for one day for look if there are more bad things then the things go up and for the gost ther are but then they stayu and then they want to go to there hause okay bad hause becausefor the bad things they have in that for that they want to go.

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