6MEH.1.1 The Decision-Making Model

#6 you arrive early one morning on campus to see someone getting shoved and bullied by a few of other students

Step 1. State the situation: an older kid is shoving and bulling another kid.

Step 2. List the options: you can tell an adult what's happening. Or you can not help at all. One other thing you can do is help the person yourself.

Step 3. Weigh the possible outcomes: if you tell the teacher the person will be stopped by an adult. If you don't tell anyone the person may get hurt worse. If you do it yourself you might get in trouble.

Step 4. Consider values: It would be better to help the person that is getting bullied.

Step 5. Make a decision: I would tell a teacher about what is happening.

Step 6. Evaluate the decision: It is a positive decision.

The situation.