How to plan a sleepover


First of all you need a invite  list  so they know there invited.


Next you need to have a talk with your parents for what you what to do with  your friends.


Then look in the cabnits for popcorn and snacks and set them in bowle's for your geust.


After you finsh dinner and snacks get your bed ready.         

1. First you need 2 big blankets and 8 pillows.

Makeing the bed

First you need one of your big blanket lay it on the ground flat .1.  Next you need your 8 pillows and lay them down in a line 2 of them on echother in a line.Then go get your second big blanket and lay it down.

Movie time

After you finsh that start a kid movie and get popcorn.

wake up

After you finsh sleeping wake up early and play a game.


Next wait tell friend's mom's come and pick them up.


Then pick up snack and popcorn  bowle's . 1.Then pick the blanket's and wash them

and pick your toy's up.                                                                                                            2.  fin your done with your sleepover.

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